ACG Arena v201t AI


Map Animation Comic Game v2.01t – ACG Arena 2.01t AI changelog and download November/2018

You can play this map with Other player or Computer (AI+++)

Fixes included in ACB Arena 2.01t version:

1| Fixed hero stuck after using spells, listed below, for patches lower than 1.27. (maybe higher than 1.27):
– Goku(normal), Krillin, Kenpachi, Yang, K’Dash, Bloo, Bloozi, Kyo, Kyo-0, K-Core, Archer, Reimu -> R
– Yato(normal), Black Yato, Krillin -> Q
– Yang -> W

2| EX Kirito -> |D| spell now is workable.
3| Fixed issues with using EX-Okita’s G.
4| Tohno’s EX-G works only on Nanaya.
5| Fixed many visual issues. (what doesn’t work outside NetEase Battle Platform)
6| Removed useless unbalanced APM system.
7| Rounds were returned to their original state:

5/9/13/17 -> 5/10/15/20
2/5/8/11 -> 8/12/16/20


Acg-Arena-screenshots Acg-Arena-screenshots-4 Acg-Arena-screenshots-3 Acg-Arena-screenshots-2
!!! In this version I used the same data type as in original ACG(slk). !!!
If you want to play after ACG to another map(or after another map to ACG), you must restart your Warcraft 3 !!!!!
And if you have problems(like instant cubes(after restarting war3)) on individual servers

ACG Arena v201t AI download links:!8F5nTSSI!rT5Ssl71ojxP-SGb4JSpO78EB1bPGzN93AMk-bvSof0