Dota 6.86e2 lod changelog

Dota 6.86e lod

DotA_LoD_6.86e2.w3x RGC full changelogs: (April/17/2019) 


  • Fixed groups leak on Natural Order
  • Fixed Sanity Eclipse malfunction
  • Removed corpses from Pit of Malice
  • Fixed Leoric’s ulty icon once again
  • Fixed exp distribution for Roshan and Neutrals
  • Ethereal Blade’s active ability can now be disjointed
  • Fixed Doppelganger, Suicide Squad CD issues
  • Fixed Shadow Word’s FX not being visible
  • Fixed Ice blast aoe not being visible AGAIN
  • Fixed Toss not stunning the target, making it stun immune
  • Fixed Avalanche damage being doubled
  • Avalanche now lands with 0.5s delay wherever the cast target area is
  • Multicast now counts chances for normal and ultimate abilities independently (can’t increase the chance to proc for ultimate by spamming normal abils anymore)
  • Reactive Armor + True form can no longer be picked
  • Fixed (?) Skewer malfunction
  • Fixed Frostbite dealing 1 more damage instance than intended


  • Fixed crash when picking some heroes
  • Fate’s Edict no longer provides 50% incoming damage amplify on the target
  • Refraction is now banned for Formless again
  • Fixed new Wrath of Wraith’s ability icon
  • Flying ranged units can no longer miss on a highground target
  • Fixed bug with Doppelganger and Manta Style
  • Fixed Ice Path visual FX could last forever
  • Fixed Shuriken Toss, Goo providing vision around the projectile
  • Winter’s Curse will no longer affect invulnerable enemies
  • Fixed bug with revealing, invisibility and some abilities interactions
  • Added visual effects for Requiem of Souls and Epicenter spell channeling


  • RC (rearm combos) mode removed
  • Stun indicator effect above unit’s head will change in size depending on remaining duration (has very rare exceptions for special stuns)
  • “Chaos” damage type replaced by “Hero” damage type everywhere
  • Melee barracks HP 1500 -> 2200
  • Ranged barracks HP 1200 -> 1300, armor 10 -> 9
  • The World Tree and The Frozen Throne hp 4250 -> 4500, HPreg 3 -> 12

Dota lod Modes, Balance & Commands


  • Multicast can no longer proc on Thundergod’s Wrath cast (unless BO mode is active)
  • Purification can now be used on spell immune allies
  • Shapeshift and Chemical Rage can no longer be obtained through Formless books
  • Flesh Golem will not heal from enemy tombstone zombies anymore
  • Kraken Shell will not count self damage for dispel counter anymore
  • Witchcraft can no longer proc while Break applied on the caster
  • Gush will no longer penetrate spell immunity if casted before it’s applied
  • Land Mines no longer trigger on tombstone Zombies
  • Improved visuals on Sniper/Gyrocopter’s attacks
  • Enchant (Dryad) now dispells targeted enemy as well
  • Atrophy aura bonus damage rescaled from 5 (20) to 1/2/3/4 (5/10/15/20)
  • You can now use items while using Icarus Dive active with no interruption
  • Decrepify should now work properly with status resistance and won’t slow THAT much
  • Spell amplify now increases by 1% per each 15 Int instead of per 16
  • Liquid Fire recoded, now properly affects structures nearby the target and no longer causes issues with some other spell effects
  • Projectiles life time increased from 4 seconds to 20
  • Watchers can no longer multicast
  • Scorched Earth recoded: slow effect stickyness reduced to 0.5 seconds, no longer heals “bad” units (i.e. tombstone), now uses spell amplification and HP regen modifiers properly
  • Improved Void (balanar) effectiveness, now also properly stacks with various slow effects
  • Added visual indicator for Ice Blast AoE
  • Chakram (Agh) will now use position 0,1 (below hero’s portrait) when S5/S6 active, and 2,1 (classic) in other cases
  • Suicide Squad, Attack! updated, now uses it’s 0.25 casting time. Added AoE pointer.
  • Hand of God base heal 200/300/400 -> 300/450/600, for creeps 40/60/80% of max HP -> 50/75/100%. Cooldown with scepter 40 -> 50, percentage bonus stays the same.
  • Ancient Apparition Int Grow 2.6 -> 3.0, AGI grow 2.4 -> 2.2
  • Reverted Eye of the Storm (Aghanim’s): can’t decrease building armor anymore
  • Melee and Ranged Axes debuffs are now affected by status resistance
  • Melee and Ranged Axes stats slighty rebalanced
  • Stasis Trap will no longer trigger on spell immune units
  • Added 0.5 cast backswing on rearm
  • Added 0.1 seconds cooldown to Rearm to prevent random doubleclick
  • Degen Aura AS slow 20/30/40/50 -> 14/26/38/50
  • Infernals immolation DPS 30/40/50 -> 30/50/70
  • Infernals suicide damage with Synergy improved
  • Spiked Carapace cooldown 16/14/12/10 -> 21/18/15/12
  • Earth Splitter with castrange bonus expands not only further away but also faster.
  • Blackhole will move enemies in a spiral pattern instead of just pulling to the center
  • Soul Rip cooldown 24/18/12/6 -> 18/14/10/6, damage&heal per unit 18/22/26/30 -> 21/24/27/30, max units affected 10/12/14/16 -> 9/12/15/18, counts ancients unit type too now. (max damage&heal from 180…480 to 189…540), manacost 50/75/100/125 -> 80/95/110/125
  • Tombstone lvl 4 HP 8 -> 7
  • Dragon Slave damage 110/180/250/320 -> 85/160/235/310
  • Status Resist now affects Decrepify and Flaming Lasso (based on first target resist)
  • Updated Rupture visual representation
  • Active Borrowed Time now provides 50% outgoing damage reduction instead of changing multiplier by 0.5 (only important when there are other sources of damage manipulation)
  • Increased delay between streak voice and “Owning” to prevent overlapping
  • Added Doubleclick selfcast on Decrepify and Nightmare
  • Wall of Replica width increased from 34 to 50
  • Wall of Replica lenght increased to 1300
  • Wall of Replica now heavily slows enemies nearby for a short period instead of dealing damage to them
  • Wall of Replica cast time 0.5 -> 0.2, manacost 125/175/225 -> 175/200/225
  • Wall of Replica’s illusions should now auto-attack the hero who triggered it
  • Poison Sting dps 6/14/22/30 -> 8/16/24/32, duration 6/8/10/12 -> 6/9/12/15
  • Improved Electric Vortex pulling mechanic: now always pulls to Vortex’s position, even if the target moved away during the pull
  • Electric Vortex duration now respect status resistance value
  • Meat Hook cast time 0.2 -> 0.3
  • Dismember will now pull the enemy to the caster, but not closer than 125 range
  • Phantom Rush now gives 16/24/32/40 bonus agility for 2 seconds when reaching enemy. It’s designed for agi-only heroes, so bonus dmg isn’t provided for non-agi
  • Phantom Rush is now melee only ability
  • Phantom Rush now properly uses cooldown reduction
  • Duel now provides True Sight on both duelists for the duration
  • Changed Powershot damage dealer (hero instead of projectile) to fix heutrals’ aggro
  • The Swarm beetle’s model size increased a bit for clickability
  • Fortune’s end max channeling time from 3 to 2.5 seconds. Root duration scales from 0.5 seconds (when channeling has been interrupted instantly) to 2.5 seconds (fully charged).
  • Tidebringer is now melee only ability
  • Added stable icon position on upgraded Ice Blast
  • Corrosive skin damage now counts as non-reflectable
  • Improved abilities’ Reveal mechanic – pseudo-Dust of Appearance so it will be removed instantly instead of 0-0.2 seconds delay (i.e. Shackles)
  • Alacrity cooldown 12 -> 9, duration 9 -> 15, manacost 50 -> 60.
  • True form morph cast time 2 -> 1.9/0.8 forward and back
  • Shapeshift morph time 0.35 -> 0 seconds, duration 16 -> 18, cooldown 110/90/70 -> 120/95/70
  • True Form base attack time 1.6 -> 1.5
  • Unstable Current base damage reverted from 50/75/100/125 to 40/60/80/100
  • Toss cast time reverted to 0.01
  • Toss will no longer interrupt projectile’s orders given while it’s flying
  • Disablehelp command can now prevent allied Toss
  • Avalanche bonus damage to tossed units from x2 to x1.5
  • Avalanche now deals bonus damage to lifted units (affects Toss, Torrent, Telekinesis, Walrus Punch)
  • Shadowraze damage 100/175/250/325 -> 90/160/230/300, cast time 0.35 -> 0.4
  • Swapped Kraken Shell and Anchor Smash icon positions inside the tavern
  • Shadow Strike duration damage 30/40/50/60 -> 30/50/70/90
  • Nether Ward passive no longer interacts with Linken’s Sphere, duration 25 -> 30 seconds
  • Recoded Roshan’s bash, now deals physical damage (50 damage, 15% chance, PRD) and is affected by status resistance and Break
  • Skewer will drag enemies in 200 range in front of caster instead of right inside the caster
  • Skewer is now able to drag creepheroes like infernals, spirit bear, familiars, primal split pandas
  • Skewer, Trample and Time Walk will no longer interrupt any orders given during the trip
  • Changed “Synergy Upgradeable” text color
  • Normalized Chakk turn rate (was too high)
  • Status Resistance bonus from Become Enraged decreased from 40/50/60% (60/70/80%) to 40/50/60% (55/65/75%)
  • Become Enraged’s bonus damage changed from 25/40/55% to 25/35/45%

Replaced Reincarnation in s6 and s5 modes (-bo still grants access to Reincarnation) with new ability “Wrath of Wraith”:
After death hero turns into Wraith form for some time period with increased movespeed and phased movement. Wraith is immortal but deals decreased damage as well as outgoing from him disables have less efficiency (like enemy have status resistance). Manapool stays like it was on death moment.
Ability haven’t nor cooldown nor manacost but being passive doesn’t proc if hero dies under Break effect.
Aghanim Upgrade gives Wraith Fear Aura which slows enemies and gives them chance to miss on attack. This aura can’t be removed by Break like taken through item.

Ability will got new icon

Wraith stats:
+25% movespeed, phased movement (like on Spectral Dagger);
Lvl 1: 50% damage, 8 seconds duration;
Lvl 2: 65% damage, 10 seconds duration;
Lvl 3: 80% damage, 12 seconds duration.

Negative Fear Aura on Wraith when Aghanim acquired:
Lvl 1: 15% ms slow, 30 as slow, 15% miss chance;
Lvl 2: 20% ms slow, 40 as slow, 20% miss chance;
Lvl 3: 25% ms slow, 50 as slow, 25% miss chance.

Dota 6.86e lod skill


  • Fixed Tidebringer’s malfunctioning after a death
  • Fixed Troll axes (ranged) malfunction
  • Fixed Focus Fire not reducing your damage even if you don’t have Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Fixed Wall of Replica illusion creation of invisible heroes
  • Fixed Phase boots flat Movespeed bonus value being incorrect
  • Fixed Become Enraged provides false “Ring Aura” buff in status bar
  • Fixed Drums of War bug with extra stats
  • Fixed Spit affecting spell immune or invulnerable heroes
    Fixed Boots of Travel channeling couldn’t be interrupted
    Fixed Boots of Travel fx being visible even if the target wasnt
    Fixed Holy Persuation vs Roshan interaction
    Fixed Natural Order continuing provides negative aura when carrier died and still close to affected enemy
  • Fixed Flaming Lasso not working on moving enemies sometimes
  • Fixed (?) bug with polymorphs and stuns
  • Fixed Earthshock lacking targets FX
  • Fixed Suicide Squad, Attack! interaction with Shallow Grave, False Promise, Borrowed Time
  • Fixed Ancient Seal doesn’t provide increased spell damage taken
    Fixed Ice Shards duration
  • Fixed Ignite dispel rules
  • Fixed possible Overload bugs leading to improper damage/damage source
    Fixed Towers Killed stat not being saved
  • Fixed Burrowstrike’s allowed targets
    Fixed Plague Ward and Quillbeast Poisons malfunction
    Fixed Brood Web giving instant fade time for ranged heroes
  • Fixed denying condition under Doom
  • Fixed skill icon position of Replicate/Morph Replicate
  • Fixed Decrepify dispel rules
  • Fixed Life Drain healing mana to the caster even if ally targeted
    Fixed Mana Shield malfunction
  • Fixed Disruption applied to an illusion causing target’s owning player to lose control over his hero when Disruption finishes (illusion became selected)
  • Fixed Vladmir’s visible auras
    Fixed bug with doubled False Promise
    Fixed Death Pact duration
  • Fixed Stout Shield and Poorman’s shield having only 0.5% chance to block damage instead of being 50 and 60%.
    Fixed damage block interaction with Wards/Exorcism.
    Fixed rare bug with roots and silence
    Fixed critical bug with Dream Coil
    Fixed (?) Flux’s buff indicator lasting forever
  • Fixed Sammy Face caused by Shadow Word
  • Fixed Untouchable malfuction
  • Fixed Thundergod’s Wrath visual FX
  • Fixed Basher malfunction
  • Fixed the message about “intelligence lost” (Silencer Glaives) spelling “Arc Warden”
  • Fixed Earthbind silencing escape-abilities even for invulnerable targets
  • Fixed Lifebreak slowing invulnerable units
  • Fixed Test of Taith icon
  • Fixed Spirit Bear not using Pseudo Random
    Fixed Rhasta having higher base HP regen than intended
    Fixed conditional Kraken Shell malfunction
    Fixed Rapier’s special model
    Fixed Gold and Exp bounty — they no longer grow with time for non-neutral units
  • Fixed Crippling Fear allowed to target allies
  • Fixed interaction of Sanity Eclipse and damage return abilities
  • Fixed Krobelus’ Silence AoE
  • Fixed (?) Dismember vs Linken’s Sphere channeling bug
  • Fixed Last Word Aura procs when it’s owner is already dead
  • Fixed (?) Borrowed Time didn’t allow killing it’s owner by overwhelming damage before auto activation
  • Fixed small glitch with Refraction
  • Fixed Earth Splitter affecting invulnerable enemies
  • Fixed Battle Cry damage bonuses


  • Added teleportantion progress bar to boots of travel
  • Couriers are not able to pickup Aegis anymore
  • Moonshard nightvision bonus is not stackable by buying more Moonshards anymore
  • Moonshard Consumed provides half of vision bonus (0 before). Nightvision bonus is 256 and 128 respectively.
  • Moonshard can now be used on allies (does not requres Goblin’s Greed or anything else). Cast range 600.
  • Aeon Disk is not clickable anymore instead of interrupting caster (no alt-click support either tho)
  • Fixed Aeon Disk activating from creep attacks
  • Glimmer Cape cooldown 16 -> 14, invis delay 0.4 -> 0.6, cast range 800 -> 1050
  • Aeon Disk can’t be rearmed anymore
  • Yasha buff is now hidden from the status bar
  • Fixed Lothar providing 30 damage instead of 22
  • Iron Talon now has higher priority to be combined than Tranquil Boots
  • Iron talon active damage changed from Pure to Non-damage (doesn’t interact with anything anymore)

This map only supports Warcraft 3 patch 1.26! Not 1.24, 1.27, 1.28 or anything else

Download: DotA_LoD_6.86e2.w3x (25.5 MB)