Dota 6.86f5 lod changelog

Dota 6.86e lod

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  • Stacking of abilities which gives free/phased/flying movement as well as invises and polymorphs improved greatly, they don’t prevents other abilities working when one of them ends and working without delay or reenabling effect.
  • As well enabled free pathing / cliff walking (e.g. brood web, spectral dagger, firefly) allows to use any movement ability on other cliff without being dumped on a free way and are not able to block enemy units too.


  • Fixed (?) rare crashes caused by Thirst or Duel
  • Fixed Corrosive Skin doing 0 dmg and lasting too long
  • Fixed Adaptive Strike dmg issues
  • Fixed Glimmer Cape malfunction
  • Added 1 second cooldown on Leap, should not bug anymore.
  • Fixed Hellfire Blast dps dispelling
  • Fixed Thirst continues providing vision on already low hp enemies when Thirst owner dies
  • Fixed Manabreak working on missed attacks
  • Fixed Phase Boots, Glimmer Cape, Sprint, Phantom Rush allows walking through cliffs.
  • Fixed Omnislash jump angles
  • Fixed Riki backstab malfunction.
  • Fixed abuse of Spirit Bear + Arcane Boots
  • Fixed Back Morphs and Formless Books still triggering some passive oncast abilities.
  • Fixed interaction of Primal Roar and self reflection, also no longer causes heavy lag.
  • Sunstrike now ignores spell immune units (like Tombstone Zombies)
  • If hero dies and buybacks with active Diabolic Edict, new explosions will continue on hero’s death location
  • Recall is no longer able to override -disablehelp by clicking on ground.
  • Fixed Berserker Rage picking properties.



  • No longer provides spell immunity
  • Provides 100% spell resistance instead
  • Duration from 3.5/4/4.5/5 to 3.75/4.5/5.25/6 seconds
  • Cooldown from 39/36/33/30 seconds to 32/28/24/20
  • Still dispells negative effects on cast (but not ethereal forms anymore due to not spell-immunity purging type)

Shadow Dance:

  • No longer has any passive component
  • Active duration 4/4.25/4.5 seconds
  • When active, provides huge HP regeneration and movespeed bonus: 5/7/9% of max hp, 32/46/60% movespeed
  • Cooldown 75 -> 60.
  • Added Aghanim upgrade: all active bonuses (invis, regen, ms) are applied on allied heroes (only real heroes! not illusions!) in 325 AoE. Regen and MS has half efficiency for allies.
  • No longer affected by Break effects.
  • Allowed to be stolen by Spell Steal/Denique
  • Allowed again to pick with any kind of invis (excluding Permainvis and Spin Web) and with Tether. Still not allowed to pick with Borrowed Time.

Deafening Blast:

  • Disarms enemies instantly on hit instead of end of pushing. Disarm duration increased respectively.
  • Prevents any movement or orders at all during pushing (used to allow using instant effects) but doesn’t cancel the target’s orders
  • Can push enemies through cliffs
  • Directions of upgraded version blasts is now based on hero facing.
  • Non-upgraded version releases 3 blasts instead of only 1



  • No longer gives chance to instantly refresh spell, CDR bonus increased from 6/9/12/15 to 10/15/20/25%.
  • Movespeed bonus removed, replaced by 4/6/8/10% Spell Amplification
  • Both effects are not working during Break.
  • Spell Amplification bonus working for illusions (e.g. Radiance)



  • All heroes and morphs with turn rate 0.4 are increased to 0.5.
  • Feast can now be picked with Essence shift.
  • Become Enraged couldnt be picked with Shadow Dance of Borrowed Time.
  • All morphed illusions are not allowed to fly (Batrider)
  • Blinks with Aether Lens cant evade Rupture damage anymore.
  • Wisp Spirits will not explode if they didn’t appear when caster dies soon after using skill.
  • Wall of Replica with Aghanim now also provides illusions created by it full HP.
  • Batrider flying form vision range decreased a bit.
  • Fatal Bonds maximum targets increased by 1, now 4/5/6/7 and can jump on enemies in fog (but not in invisibility)
  • Upheaval cast range 1200 -> 900
  • Headshot dmg 15/40/65/90 -> 30/60/90/120.
  • Firewall sight range 600/600 -> 300/300 (still air vision)


  • Wrath of Wraith spawns with 1 hp again.
  • Increased Become Enraged visual effect
  • Deactivate Ghost Walk ability removed.


  • Fixed crash with some passive abilities
  • Fixed Enemy Urn not being dispellable
  • Fixed “0!” text on some windwalk on melees
  • Fixed (?) Flaming Lasso failing to cast randomly


  • Fixed roots (again)
  • Added cast range support on Shadow Poison
  • Fixed Headdress giving more stats than intented.
  • Earth Splitter now affects Magic Immune units again, Aghanim’d version expanding speed decreased a bit
  • Fixed Hookshot being silenced while the caster is in Ethereal Form, also no longer pauses the caster.
  • Fixed Overgrowth not being dispellable properly.
  • Fixed Soul Steal healing by 15/sec more than intented.
  • Demonic Purge can be used on Euls now.
  • Demonic Purge became single target, duration 5 sec -> 7 sec, purge effect continues for all it’s duration, repeteadly. Manacost 150 -> 200. Attack speed slow removed.
  • Weaver’s The Swarm can no longer latch on spell immune units
  • Changed The Swarm beetle’s position to always be in front of the target, so victim doesn’t have to turn to attack it
  • The Swarm damage source changed from Beetle to Caster, counts like spell damage: affected by spell amplification, can spell lifesteal, can be reflected. Damage type physical and CAN be blocked by damage block.
  • Cooldown 35/30/25/20 -> 44/36/28/20, damage per beetle 20 -> 18/20/22/24, pseudoattack cooldown 1.4/1.25/1.1/0.95 -> 1.25/1.1/0.95/0.8
  • Average Gold Bounty per beetle increased by 4
  • Stone Gaze no longer provides 100% spell resistance for affected enemies and no longer increases all damage taking by them but only physical damage from attacks.
  • Stone Gaze no longer kills illusions instantly.
  • Experimental change: Dispersion max range 1000 -> 700, dmg and dmg block percentage from 7.5/10/12.5/15% to 8/12/16/20% (from 6/8/10/12 to 6/9/12/15% for str heroes)
  • This way Dispersion becomes more effective for close range match-ups and better in a protective role, but damage is falling faster with range.
  • Pugna’s Life Drain provides vision and true sight over the target for the duration.
  • Decrepify is no longer dispellable by allied magic immunity, effectively making target completely immune to any normal damage for it’s duration.


  • Fixed dying while Rooted causing permanent silence
  • Fixed gold networth counter with gifted items (Aghanim, Moonshard)
  • Fixed Avalanche still providing doubled bombarding duration.
  • Fixed Lightning Grapple slow being undispellable.
  • Fixed Vendetta debuff icon.
  • Fixed Spiked Carapace lasting forever sometimes.
  • Fixed Autocast toggling interrupts Charge of Darkness.
  • Fixed Split Shot icon
  • Split Shot base range increased from 625 to 700


  • Fixed groups leak
  • Fixed Heartstopper damaging invulnerable units
  • Fixed inability to hex illusions of a hero with Metamophosis if they’re created via Mirror image-based abilities
  • Fixed (?) Firefly causing hero to get stuck if duration expired while on unpathable terrain
  • Enchant now properly prolongs already converted unit’s timed life to full dur
  • Disabled Sunray until reworked

Dota lod Modes, Balance & Commands

Fixes and similar

  • Added hcl mode -ms6 = -mds6ssffdu. ( -ss6 == -sds6ssff).
  • Fixed Avalanche’s malfunction
  • Fixed Rexxar’s Quillbeast not slowing AS
  • Fixed Poison Sting working on structures
  • Fixed Shapeshift lvl 2 cooldown
  • Fixed Double Edge couldn’t be reflected by Spell Shield
  • Fixed (?) crash with overlapping stuns
  • Fixed Trample not running far enough
  • Fixed Timewalk landind earlier than intended
  • Fixed heroes getting manareg or hpreg forever under some circumstances
  • Command -swapcancel now displays text to the player who activated it
  • Killed neutrals counter is now visible on the screen
  • Fixed skills from Formless Books had doubled CD
  • Hero and his illusions are not able to attack during Doppelganger’s pause anymore.
  • Fixed Smoke Screen-like spells interaction with most of invulnerable providing abilities
  • Glimmer Cape duration now prolongs correctly on multile casts.
  • Fixed Demonic Purge not working on max cast range sometimes
  • Fixed Sunray healing for incorrect amount
  • Improved Corrosive Skin code
  • Improved Inferno interaction with attacks.
  • Quillspray now deals damage from the hero instead of a dummy unit
  • All polymorphs with limited duration will not interrupt unit on backmorph
  • All polymorphs excluding True Form are nearly instant (0.03 seconds)
  • Holy Persuation cant take control over Creep Hero units (pandaren spirints, familiars, infernals) anymore.
  • Fixed Winter’s Curse interaction with Lotus Orb.
  • Corrected Lightning Effects of Laguna Blade, Finger of Death, All levels of Dagon.
  • Lucent Beam stun is now affected by Status Resistance.
  • Fixed some icons in the ingame data table
  • Fixed Skewer glitches with dead units and buyback during Skewer.
  • Glimmer Cape allows to more through other units like normal invisibility (only when fade time gone)
  • Stun visuals will disappeared fast if target unit dies from stun.
  • Improved Moonlight Shadows mechanic – now disappears on target death.
  • Fixed Order Bugs with Assasinate + Primal Roar + Omnislash (all with aghanims)
  • Primal Split Fire is now permanently phased
  • Fixed effect of multiple Ruptures on same target didn’t stack properly, disappearing whenever the first one is timed out
  • Fixed Mana shield malfunction when picked on 5th skill slot.
  • Fixed Holy Persuation being usable on allies with -disablehelp instead of normal allowed condition.

Dota 6.86e lod skill


  • Synergy AS bonus for Raise Dead reduced from 20/30/40/50 to 10/20/30/40
  • Reverse Polarity no longer affects invulnerable units
  • Wild Axes now have lower vision and don’t affect invulnerable units
  • Double Edge stats bonus from 40/60/80/100 to 60/80/100/120%
  • Removed restrictions from pick stage for True Form + Reactive Armor
  • Stampede, Glaives of Wisdom and Inner Vitality scaling changed from Main attribute to Highest attribute
  • Troll Axes do not provide vision anymore.
  • Decreased vision from Elune’s Arrow
  • Phantom Rush no longer gives agility bonus if hero haven’t finished his charge with attack
  • Improved hero’s movespeed scan for Infested creeps
  • Space Orc’s Mind Control refills all affected units hp and gives extra 75/150/225 hp to each of those.
  • AM Spell Shield passive reflection reduced from 8/12/16/20% to 6/9/12/15
  • Fixed HP bonus in Metamorphosis form
  • Blade Fury now gives 50 bonus base movespeed for the duration
  • Walrus Kick now pierces spell immunity like it should.
  • Frenzy from Thunder Lizard is now dispellable.
  • Increased BloodRite vision AoE
  • Enchant can no longer be casted on allied units but caster’s owned units only.
  • Suicide Squad, Attack! now destroys trees around
  • Borrowed Time will not activate itself automatically if unit is in Wraith Form.
  • Raindrop cooldown is now affected by cooldown reductions.
  • Reality Rift, Phantom Strike, Blink Strike, Omnislash, Sleight of fist will turn hero instantly in proper direction instead of having short delay.
  • Sleight of Fist attack position changed from random around target to opposite side of unit relative to the spell target point
  • Similar rule applied to Omnislash but taking previous caster position instead of using spell target point.
  • Borrowed Time activates not only when hero has <400 hp but also when hero has <20% hp, what takes priority for heroes with >2k hp.
  • Vendetta attack rescaled: bonus dmg changed to spell dmg, what means it’s affected by spell amplification or spell lifesteal but not crit or lifesteal (damage type remains Physical). Applies 4 seconds Break on attacked enemy.
  • Improved Strygwyr’s Thrist mechanic: vision around detected unit decreased to minimum, unit will not flash on map so targeting will not lost. Bonuses from Thrist stays for 4 seconds after detected hero death. Also Thrist doesn’t work vs magic immune enemies.
  • Reaper’s Scythe stun is now undispellable. Durations of Stun, Damage delay and Kill counter debuff are affected by Status Resistance.
  • Moonlight Shadows gives 15% bonus movespeed after fade delay.
  • Aphotic Shield cooldown 12/10/8/6 -> 12/10.5/9/7.5
  • N’aix base dmg from 57-67 to 52-62.
  • Scorched Earth cooldown 28 -> 36.
  • Dagon manacost 180 -> 120/140/160/180/200, damage delay 0 -> 0.03 seconds, instakills illusions (excluding Replicate illus).
  • Maledict: DPS 5/10/15/20 -> 7/14/21/28 , AOE 165 -> 180, cooldown 20 -> 30/26/22/18, affects creep-heroes now as well
  • Split Shot, Flak Cannon and Fury Swipes are now allowed to be picked together
  • Fixed Greater Bash pushing invulnerable enemies (Charge of Darkness)
  • Fixes Spells with Physical damage type which were blockable by damage block (most important for Acid Spray and Poison Touch).
  • Sniper and Gyrocopter projectile speed 3000 -> 2500.
  • Winter’s Curse now applies Break on targeted enemy on duration.
  • Blinding Light now blinds instantly instead of at the end of it’s movement.
  • Epicenter starts pulsing after small delay (=delay between pulses) what allows to not waste first pulse when comboing with fast blinks like dagger.
  • Windwalk can now be activated while Charge of Darkness active
  • Fixed Glimmer Cape active duration being by 0.6 seconds shorter.
  • Fixed Glimmer Cape dispelling. (should be dispellable now)
  • Recoded Adaptive Strike, have “missile” with 1150 speed instead of being instant.
  • Manacost rescaled to 105/120/135/150.
  • God’s Strenght Upgraded now affects allied ancient creeps
  • Shadow Dance is not pickable with Borrowed Time again. (This time not because of order issues but because of “balance” requests.)
  • Tidebringer is no longer pickable with Sleight of Fist.
  • Tidebringer cooldown 13/10/7/4 -> 12.5/10/7.5/5
  • Wrath of Wraith ghost is not unkillable anymore but spawns with full hp instead. can be killed again to die faster than intented delay.
  • Bloodrage and Bloodbath no longer heals if not buffed/owning unit kills enemy (e.g. nether ward wont heal buffed hero).
  • Fate Edict follows Status Resistance rule (modified when used on enemy)
  • Finished Rod of Atos change: 15 Str, 6 Agi, 20 Int (will be changed), active ability Rooting enemy for 2 seconds, cd 18.
  • Lighting Grapple speed affected by max range, keeping same travel time on max distance on every level: speed grows per level or with castrange bonus.
  • Sunder cast range 550 -> 475.
  • Terrorblade’s Metamorphosis form base movespeed 315 -> 300.
  • Reduced Meat Hook speed from 1600 to 1450.
  • Changed frost nova slow from 50% ms and 25 as to 30/30


  • Manabreaks and Backstab doing damage at same instance with attack what is important for interaction with damage blocks or chance-based damage ignoring.
  • Both AM and Diffusal manabreaks are now following AM donation pack and doesn’t provide doubled visuals if used together.
  • Manabreak damage is not able to crit, backstab able to crit.
  • Backstab code improved.
  • Changed Moon Glaive mechanic: instead of losing damage per every jump it deals stable 12/18/24/30% damage per jump with maximum of 5 jumps.

This way total damage from attack on lvl 4 (if haven’t other splash/cleave instances) changed from 160% / 193.6% / 212.5% / 223.5% to 160% / 190% / 220% / 250%
Numbers of jumps and damage are not final and may be changed in next releases if will be not enough relevant.
However glaives can’t jump on same target if no new targets in AoE anymore. This change is mostly for perfomance, decreases required powers in 4 times so Glaives shouldn’t provide too impossible lags when used by many illusions at same time.

  • Recoded Split Shot:

Full passive ability, removable by Break.
Main target takes 100% damage.
Attack hits 3 additional targets always, deals 20/35/50/65% damage to each of them.
This way total damage is 160% / 205% / 250% / 295% if no other amplifiers.
AoE is stable 625, may be increased by linear range bonuses only, right now only existing are dragon lance/hurricane pike.
Kinda one of longest waited bugfix: Damage to additional targets is not more improvable by Critical Strikes (when striking main target) or by Fury Swipes.
Also blinding and Evasion is working for every target independent from others instead of hitting them in any conditions.
Additionally it work fine with Elder Dragon Form.

  • Recoded Flak Cannon:

Same bugfix reason like in Split Shot.
Also cooldown increased form 30 to 40

  • Leap changed to 3-charges ability

Cooldown: 0.01 (for preventing double cast)
Charge cooldown: 60/50/40/30
Range: 550
Leap duration: ~0.42 seconds
AS and MS bonuses applied at start of Leap (what means they could be dispelled in midair) for 2.5 seconds total.
AS bonus 40/60/80/100
MS bonus 8/16/24/32%
Manacost: 60

This map only supports Warcraft 3 patch 1.26! Not 1.24, 1.27, 1.28 or anything else

Download: DotA_LoD_6.86f5.w3x (25.6 MB)