Dota 6.87a1 lod changelogs

Get DotA_LoD_6.87a.w3x RGC full changelogs: (October/29/2019) 



Fixed (?) random crashes caused by Glyph
Fixed multiple Roots interaction
Fixed spell amplification from Witchcraft
Fixed movespeed with Blade Fury
Fixed Unstable Current damage scaling from current hp (was from max hp still)
Fixed Paralyzing Cask first jump
Fixed Flaming Lasso and Reflection interaction with negative status resistance
Fixed Glaives of Wisdom not granting Int to owner
Fixed Tidebringer cleave getting lost forever on death
Fixed Flame Guard DPS
Fixed damage blocks with low damage amounts
Fixed Linken’s Sphere bonuses
Fixed Urn of Shadows malfunction
Fixed some tooltips
Fixed Spectre’s Haunt illusions being unable to attack at all
MoC no longer able to damage enemy who stand farther than Legi’s attack range or to attack during disarm
BH Jinada no longer procing vs allies (not intented)
BH windwalk no longer slows enemy movespeed (not intented)
Fixed abuse with walking Ancestral Spirit during Echo Stomp
Fixed Song of the siren targets (did not affect structures)
Fixed Reality Rift slow amount
Fixed duration of Torrent slow which was shorter by 1.6 seconds than should be (literally ends during airtime at low levels)

Download map: Dota 6.87a lod

Stolen and Lost gold amount through Jinada ban be checked with -st cmd. Just if you want to know.
Bonus Spell Amp from Laguna Blade has now notification on caster
Disruption now has visual effect around target in role of “timer” (visible for allies only)
Astral Imprisonment and Disruption now grants small vision around target point for duration. This is necessary for proper work of visual effect.

Swoop Down now pulls enemy a bit in rear of caster
Inner Fire AoE 375 -> 500, max push range 350 -> 450
Deafening Blast travel range increased from 825 to 990, cast range from 900 to 1050 (both parts upgraded by Lens without agha, not upgraded with)
Astral Imprisonment can now be used on non-hero units
Counter Helix AoE slightly increased (from 275 to 285)
Earthshock AoE 375 -> 385, cooldown 6 -> 5, damage 100/160/220/280 -> 75/125/175/225
Overpower manacost 50/65/80/95 -> 50/60/70/80, duration up to 15 -> 16 seconds



Fixed duration of Hellfire Blast slow
Fixed stacking of multiple Hellfire Blast slow instances
Added missing duration on Plague Wards
Asssassinate Upgraded damaging main target normally again
Fixed Borrowed Time rare cases when it may work on everything
Fixed Meat Hook still stunning enemies forever sometimes, in cases of changed Forced Movement
Fixed Chronosphere stunning units forever if they left or died in Chronosphere in last 0.1 seconds before end
Fixed group leak in Chronosphere (appears only when multiple chronos of same player are active)
Echo Slam echowaves damaging normally again
Fixed Flak Cannon / Split Shot miss conditions (was based on mait target evade instead of taking each next target evasion)
Fixed Lightning Grapple unit stucking after change forced movement type
Fixed Walrus Kick, Arcane Orb, Shadow Strike and Viper Strike + spell reflection aka Lotus
Charge of Darkness can now be rooted properly
Restored Storm Bolt functionality
Meld phased movement no longer stays forever if caster dying during Meld
Forse Staff / Pike no longer stopping target movement forever if was interrupted by anything
Geomagnetic Grip no longer causes allies to lose movespeed forever as well
Fixed Roots not working sometimes
Arctic Burn and Firefly forms shouldnt longer lose their flying possibility in some cases of free movement options
Fixed debuff icon of Rolling Boulder slow
Fixed Collision size of Firelord and Talon Queen (had 0 instead of 24) and Space Orc and Ogre Lord (had 16 instead of 24)
Fixed Swoop Down grants freewalking to enemy hero forever if he dies during swoop
Dark Ritual no longer allowed to cast on summons. Lane creeps are only possible targets.
Paralyzing Cask shouldnt jump on middle of map if target not found anymore
Fixed Necromastery visual effect when killing enemy by HP Removal damage
Fixed abuse with Raindrop manareg
Fixed interaction of Damage Resistance (same Damage Negation) and lifesteal.
Winter’s Curse properly works on creeps too
Supernova/Rearm no longer refreshes cooldown of ultimative polymorphs (in case of already morphed during refreshing)
Troll Fervor now properly grants first stack on next target instead of having 0 bonus after first attack (so it will never have less than 1 stack except moment when just learned)
Fixed Diabolic Edict damage type
Fixed blinks AM and QoP, Furion teleportation, Relocate, Mass Serpent Ward, Ball Lightning, Fire Remnant Movement no longer can be reflected (indifferetnly makes it any effect or only visual)
Fixed interation of Ethereal Blade and linken/lotus, snowball and lotus
Fixed Electric Vortex lightning staying forever if enemy dies in first 0.05 seconds after cast
Fixed Electric Vortex spell reflection
Silver Edge is no longer abusable on getting 2 debuffs from single use (attack during fade time + attack at duration)
Fixed interaction of False Promise and Supernova
Improved Haunt and Reflection illusions behaviour (again)
Stifling Dagger now cleaves properly (like hero was near target)
Refresher Orb and Rearm now properly resetting Dagger cooldown
Fixed damage type of Spiked Carapace which was still Pure instead if Same Type
Fixed unit stats of Arctic Burn form
Fixed Familiar Stone Form casting time and autouse
Every creep recapturing now gives “stop” order to this creep.
Fixed Lighting Storm slow amount being unaffected by spell level (lasts 0.2 sec always)
Fixed dispel of Grave Chill
Fixed (?) some spells with charges and Spell Steal
Amplify Damage and Track duration is now properly affected by status resistance

Fixed Sticky Napalm and Mjollnir Static Charge proc conditions:
Minimum damage numbers after reductions are taken properly now,
>9 damage after reductions for Napalm and >5 for Static Charge)
This also means that abusing Roshan with just Napalm + Ion Shell is no longer possible

Game mechanics

Lane creeps killed by neutrals now really no longer counted like denied, provides full experience for enemies.

Damage block mechanic updated to the “correct one”: it reduces damage taken instead of reducing attacker’s damage. Applies effect before armor calculation.
Spell damage block recoded as well so same rule applies too (Hood/Pipe/Flame guard/Raindrop). Priority: Hood/Pipe/Flame guard blocks damage first (losing buffs together, but no longer removes other similar buff, e.g. Hood’s activation no longer cancels Flame guard). Raindrop blocks damage after all of those.
This means damage reflection (Blademail, Dispersion, Carapace) became much more effective when paired with e.g. Vanguard or active Hood. Corrosive skin no longer ignores enemy if damage was 100% blocked.


Removed Fountain Defender with his -20 and -40 armor auras
Fountain damage increased from 190-200 to 220-240
Fountain hp regeneration from 4% to 5% of max hp
Fountain mana regeneration from 4% of max hp + 14 to 6% of max hp (no longer “abusable” with dropping mana items)

Greatly updated buyback tooltip, included info about cost and respawn penalty.
Couriers are no longer deniable independent of current hp
Viscous Nasal Goo now orders to attack target enemy after cast (if no other queued orders)
Enchant Totem, Waning Rift, Anchor Smash, Shadowrazes, God’s Strength, Insatiable Hunger, Illuminate End, Tether End, Eye of the Storm no longer interrupts current order
The Swarm beetles and Tombstone Zombies dies if target changes owner (captured)
Units under Echo Stomp are no longer autoattackable so much
Swaped icons of Shadow Shaman and Lion hexes to correspond hexed models
Changed Soul Assumption indicator position so it wont cause multspell spells icon jump (e.g. Ice Blast)
Dark Rift will ping on minimap for allies, where teleport used. This ping has Purple color.
Blinding Light pushes in 2 times smoother
-aat toggling no longer affects any ward type units

Omnislash + Focus Fire banned to pick together
Disabled Upheaval until recode.
Disabled Riki’s Permanent invisibility (details below)


Time Walk reworked
No longer slows enemies or disjoining projectiles.
Now heals by damage which was taken in last 2 seconds, excluding HP Removal damage
Range 700/900/1100/1300 -> 675
Cooldown 19/17/15/13 -> 22/18/14/10, manacost stays 90

Jinada reworked. While slow moved from Junada to Invis, bonus damage moved to Jinada
Deals bonus damage 70/100/130/160 (this damage can cleave/crit/lifesteal) to any enemy unit and steals enemy hero gold, up to 12/20/28/36 but can steal only reliable gold
Cooldown 10/8/6/4
Melee only
Note: Bonus damage is not displayed on panel
Base Research Hotkey J -> D
Illusions got visual Jinada visual effects on weapon

Tidebringer recoded, now 100% not bugging after respawn and cannot cause any bugs with other skills e.g. with Borrowed Time in previous version
Note: Bonus damage is not displayed on panel. Cant be used vs allies, wards or buildings
Illusions got visual Tidebringer visual effects on weapon

Avalanche rescaled
Stun duration 1.25…0.5 -> 0.2 every 0.3 seconds
First hit delay 0.5 sec, then hits every 0.3 seconds with doing 1/6 of total damage, 80/160/240/320 total
Due to shorter intersection of Avalanche and short air time (toss, torrent, telekinesis, etc) damage to airborne units x1.5 -> x2.0
AoE 325/350/375/400
Cooldown 15 -> 21/19/17/15

Huskar Inner Vitality removed
Replaced with Inner Fire
Knockback/damage/disarm enemies around
AoE 400, knockback distance 50-350 based on distance between caster and victim
Knockback duration 0.6 (enemies cant walk during it)
90/160/230/300 damage
Disarm 1.5/2/2.5/3 sec
Manacost 95/110/125/140
Cooldown 13/12/11/10
Cast Time 0.2
Standart Hotkey “E”

Berserker’s Blood reworked
No longer grants spell resistance
Grants attack speed and health regeneration
Both bonuses grows exponentially
Up to 120/180/240/300 attack speed and 26/39/52/65% of main attribute as heal
(Already nerfed from 160/220/280/340 attack speed and 25/45/65/85%)

Reworked Lifestealer Rage back to spell immunity
Silencing caster on duration (this silence is undispellable)
Cooldown 33/30/27/24
Duration 4/4.5/5/5.5
AS bonus 55/70/85/100
Manacost 100

Moment of Courage
Fixed Moment of Courage was Breakable by Break on attacker instead of Brake on Legi
Moment of Courage no longer grants any lifesteal or attack speed
However when proc it performs instant attack from hero on current target
If hero dont attack anybody, he will store buff for next 0.5 seconds and may proceed with instant attack as soon as possible
This also means MoC wont be weaker with attack speed bonuses
Cooldown stays same – 2.3/1.8/1.3/0.8
Moment of Courage became closer to Geminate attack but difference is hero should be focused for proc

Bane Enfeeble (first skill) reworked
Decreases target attack speed and status resistance (debuffs lasts longer)
Lasts 8 seconds basically, affected by status resistance. May prolong itself too but only on recast
-50/-75/-100/-125 attack speed, -30/-40/-50/-60% status resistance
Cooldown 12/10/8/6, manacost 60/80/100/120
No longer allowed to multicast

Recoded Bane Nightmare
No longer deals any damage
No longer allowed to use on creeps
No longer waking up target by any sneeze: heroes aren’t waking up from fully blocked damage, from HP removal damage or from self damage.
Caster not falling asleep when attempting to attack sleeping enemy. Instead, he waking target up as soon as damaging it.
Game also working properly if there is more than one Nightmare carrier: every hero has own victims, including trasferred, so each can wake up only them and not other
Nightmare End can be used anytime if hero is not silenced.
It is now separated ability which is always available (-bind slot 6, standart hotkey “V”)
This means main ability wont be hidden so caster can use next nightmare while previous still exist. Just in case if need.
Target now evades all already flying projectiles. Use it wisely.
Spell immunity: prevents transferring to attacker
Linken Sphere: may block as main cast as trasferring Nightmare to attacker.
Reflecting (Lotus): caster and target falling asleep, then caster may wake up target but not self due to reflected spell counts as reflecting unit victim
However if reflecting hero have Nightmare too, he may wake up primary caster anytime.
Status Resistance: duration based on victim Status resistance, transferred Nightmare starting from full duration and reduced by new victim Status resistance

Recoded Song of the Siren
Sleep is also imitated while “sleep” and heal efects delayed by 0.4 seconds both after leaving area or end of song

Recoded Blade Fury
No longer causes glitches with detection (e.g. smoke, shadow dance)
Cooldown 30/26/22/18 -> 40/34/32/28
Hero can attack anybody but not deals damage to non-structure non-ward units. Additional effects fully working.
Note: special hero action effect “whirlwind” on Juggernaut or Axe no longer exist, general visual effect became brighter

Healing Ward recoded
Can now target allied units in addition to ground – will spawn in 50 units behind them and follow them automatically. Including self and invulnerable units, of course.
Supports doubleclick for self targeting
Ward model size 1.0 -> 1.25. No longer splited on 4 levels of summoned units, named just “Healing Ward”.
Cast range 350 -> 300
No longer multicastable

Deafening Blast
Deafening Blast Stun removed, replaced by movement prevention only during knockback.
Disarm duration increased by 0.2 sec, cast time 0.3 -> 0.25
Deafening Blast is now affected by status resistance. Higher resist makes faster knockback however.



We trying to do something with invisibility presence and keep it useful for escaping but not for following enemies through whole map, except for Shukuchi and Vendetta.

Bounty Hunter windwalk no longer grants bonus damage. Attack slows enemy movespeed by 14/20/26/32% for 4 seconds.
Fade Time 1.0/0.75/0.5/0.25 -> 0.9/0.7/0.5/0.3
Duration 20/25/30/35 -> 16/18/20/22, cooldown 15 -> 15/14/13/12

Skeleton Walk duration 20/25/30/35 -> 15, cooldown 20/19/18/17 -> 18/16/14/12, movespeed bonus 5/10/15/20% -> 14/21/28/35%

Ghost Walk cooldown 30 -> 40/35/30/25, duration 100 -> 18, self movespeed -15%/0/+15%/+30% -> 0/10%/20%/30%, Fade time 0.001 -> 0.3
Enemy slow 5%/15%/25%/35% -> 10%/15%/20%/25%. Slow lingers for 2 -> 0.5 seconds.
Restored missing sound on cast

Shukuchi manacost 70/80/90/100 -> 75, duration 3 -> 3.5

Removed Riki’s Permanent Invisibility. Will be changed to normal blink strike + Tricks of the Trade ultimate a bit later

Movement abilities

Blinks AM and QoP
Cooldown 20/18/16/14 -> 22/18/14/10, cast range 925/1050/1175/1300 -> 925/1000/1075/1150, manacost 100 -> 80

Burrowstike is all-in-one skill: escape, damage, stun, fast cast and is incredibly strong now.
And, since increasing cast time without following problems is impossible for this ability, we are nerfing other parts, including stun duration, which is “normal Lod course”
Burrowstike cooldown 14/13/12/11 -> 19/17/15/13, manacost 110/120/130/140 -> 120/135/150/165 (similar to Waveform), stun 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2 -> 1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0

However Trample doesnt evade projectiles or damage, so it may be just a bit faster
Trample cast time 0.3 -> 0.25, speed 1100 -> 1200

Reality Rift
Manacost 50 -> 60
Cooldown 14/12/10/8 -> 16/13/10/7
Range 500/550/600/650 -> 475/550/625/700
No longer grants damage for caster. Instead, it slows enemy attack and movement speed by 16/24/32/40% for 2 seconds.

Phantom Strike
Manacost 50 -> 60
Cooldown 14/12/10/8 -> 16/13/10/7
Attackspeed bonus 90 -> 90/110/130/150
Cast Range 800/850/900/950 -> 775/850/925/1000
However it’s no longer teleports behind of target, instead hero just reappears on same side as he was before cast


Concussive Shot damage 60/120/180/240 -> 100/160/220/280
Projectile no longer launched in fog and can be evaded
Aghanim Upgrade makes projectile launched in fog and unevadeable as well as grants additional target for skill. Seeks second hero in 700 AoE around first.

Mystic Flare Aghanim Upgrade removed
Mystic Flare total damage 600/1000/1400 -> 650/1075/1500

Laguna Blade Upgraded now grants 1/1.5/2% spell amplification to caster if enemy hero dies from Laguna Blade or in next 3 seconds after it
For comparsion, Glaives of Wisdon grants 2% spell amp for ~14 victims, but available earlier

Removed Scepter Upgrade on Blackhole. Will be replaced by other Agha upgrade in next updates, but not now.

Added Scepter Upgrade for Formless books – improves stolen spell if possible (need tests)

Fiend Grip Upgraded no longer puts attackers in Nightmare

Other skills

Nether Blast used to deal huge damage but hard to hit units.
However after buff it became too strong vs towers, which doesnt trying to run away, so we nerfing damage vs building
Nether Blast damage vs buildings from 50% to 33%

Static Remnant is also hard to hit but deals huge damage. We want to see it more spammable as long as it possible
Cooldown 3.5 -> 3, manacost 70/80/90/100 -> 64/76/88/100

Spark Wraith is interesting but not so much spammable due to not having second Arc Warden and feels heavily underpowered so we improving all it’s effects by small amount: lifetime, slow duration, damage, cooldown, manacost
Lifetime 50 -> 60 sec, damage 100/160/220/280 -> 100/170/240/310, slow duration 0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7 -> 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0 sec, manacost 75 -> 56/64/72/80, cooldown 3.5 -> 3
If starting runes are trapped, it’s recommended to defuse Sparks by summons or illusions or by any kind of hiding.

Weaver’s The Swarm damage 18/20/22/24 -> 18/21/24/27
Fixed effect frequency was less than intented.
Note: deals phisical spell damage, can be blocked, can spell lifesteal as well as spell amplified.

Flesh Heap no longer grants magic resistance. It grants bonus health regeneration instead, 3/5/7/9
No longer grants damage to non-str hero, bonus AoE if killer is not heap owner decreased from 800 to 400

Essence Shift now steals 1 agility from victims and dead enemy heroes in 400 AoE forever
And well as Heap or Glaives of Wisdom does not grant damage for non-str or non-int heroes, Shift does not grant bonus damage to non-agility heroes

Scorched Earth no longer slows enemies. Damage and heal increased by 33%
Manacost 100 -> 90/100/110/120

Naga Siren illusions rescaled, become tougher early (always 350% damage taken) and better cooldown later (50/45/40/35)
Duration 30 -> 26, Cast Time 0.5 -> 0.4

Fade Bolt recoded, havent damage and effect delay 0.25 sec anymore.
Damage reduction for heroes 20/25/30/35 -> 20/26/32/38, for creeps 10/13/15/17 -> 10/13/16/19

Neutral and Doom Tempest recoded, now:
Deals proper damage type and uses proper damage source (caster, not tempest itself)
Slows for adequate time after leaving aura area (0.5 sec, not 4)
Properly afected by spell amplification
Damage and Tempest stats slightly rescaled.

Ether Shock recoded, now interacts with spell damage properly.

Fissure cooldown 15 -> 21/19/17/15, lenght 1320 -> 1350, cast range 1300 -> 1350, manacost 125/140/155/170 -> 110/130/150/170

Arcane Curse DPS 16/24/32/40 -> 19/27/36/45

Arcane Bolt stat multiplier 1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0 -> 1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8, cast range 800 -> 875, projectile speed 525 -> 500

Kodo Spit cooldown 12 -> 16/14/12/10, damage (pure) 75/100/125/150 -> 60/90/120/150, debuff duration 9/12/15/18 -> 12/14/16/18

Drums of War active duration 8/9/10 -> 8/10/12 sec

Furion Sprout is no longer reflectable or blockable, even if used right on unit.

Rescaled Searing Chains damage from 50/60/70/80 damage per second to 90/160/230/300 total (became a bit higher at levels 2 3 4)

EMP is no longer allowed to steal mana from non-hero units

Decreased Ice Path distance by 100 and increased cooldown by 1 second. Decreased creation speed a bit.

Eclipse cooldown 160/150/140 -> 140

Refraction attack/protection instances 3 -> 4

Lucent Beam stun 0.8 -> 0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8, damage 75/150/225/300 -> 90/160/230/300

Silencer Last Word damage 75/150/225/300 -> 90/160/230/300

Doom DPS 25/40/55 -> 25/45/65

Static Storm cooldown 90/80/70 -> 100/85/70, manacost 125/175/225 -> 175/200/225, cast time 0.05 -> 0.15

Track manacost 50 -> 65

Amplify Damage cast range 700 -> 700/800/900, manacost 35/45/55 -> 35/50/65

Overpower charge is no longer consumed by Instant attacks (only exception is Omnislash)

Sanity’s Eclipse manaburn no longer pierces spell immunity

Ancestral Spirit cant Multicast anymore

Disarmed hero no longer able to attack during Sleight of Fist (bugfix). However ability is not silenced, so hero will just jump without effects.
Sleight of Fist no longer evades projectiles. It shouldn’t.

Fire Remnants no longer have any own vision

Corrosive Skin damage type marked as HP Removal (like venomancer 2 / zeus 3, etc)
Poison duration 4 sec -> 3 sec

Natural Order no longer working against Roshan

Synergy bonus now affects summons of neutrals too (Skeletons from Troll and Golems from Mud Golem)

Venomancer Poison Sting duration 6/9/12/15 -> 6/8/10/12

Unstable Current no longer proc if owner dies during 0.3 sec delay between trigger and effect

Increased experience for killing Venomancer Plague Wards
Decreased experience for killing Furion Treants and Mega Treants
Treants movespeed 325 -> 340, Mega treants movespeed 325 -> 375

Shadow Shaman base armor and STR increased by 1 both
Shapeshift form voice lanes changed to same as Lycanthrope


Tome of Knowledge, Observer Wards and Smoke of Deceit are no longer sellable due to limited count
Sentry Wards, Scroll of Town Portal, Animal Courier, Flying Courier are no longer sellable to prevent giving money to ally
All of them still may be granted to ally for use and all except couriers stackable in inventory freely
Sobi Mask, Void Stone, Ring of Regeneration, Ring of Health, Perseverance are no longer shareable.
So only 2 things which may help allies with gold directly are granted Moonshard and Aghanim’s Scepter
Animal Courier and Flying courier cooldown back to 2 seconds to prevent double purchasing

Mekansm Heal 250 -> 275, Greaves Heal 250 -> 300, Mana restore 160 -> 200, lowhp armor bonus 15 -> 10
Mekansm/Greaves/Crimson Guard overstack delay changed from 25/25/46 to (cooldown on caster)-1 sec
Greaves recipe cost 1700 -> 1800

Perseverance, Lotus Orb, Linken’s Sphere no longer grants bonus damage
Linken’s Sphere recipe cost 1000 -> 1200, all stats bonus 15 -> 13
Refresher orb no longer grants bonus damage as well, HP regen 12 -> 13, manareg +200% (dont mind that tooltip was 250) -> +275%
Ultimate Orb cost 2100 -> 2150, all resulting items cost tweaked
Eye of Skadi no longer requires Orb of Venom, so total cost with counting Ultimate Orbs decreased
Shadow Amulet cost 1300 -> 1400, all resulting items cost tweaked
Talisman of Evasion evade bonus 25% -> 15%, cost 1700 -> 1400. All resulting items bonus unchanged, cost tweaked.
The Butterfly no longer has active ability

Blade Mail again reflects only 80% of damage, manacost 25 -> 75
With counting improvements in damage blocks and magic blocks total reflection shouldnt be much weaker or even stronger sometimes
However it’s damage can be blocked by enemy damage blocks as well

Lotus Orb cooldown 15 -> 18 sec, buff duration 6 -> 5 sec, manacost 75 -> 100

Enchanted Mango no longer has 3 seconds cooldown

This map only supports Warcraft 3 patch 1.26! Not 1.24, 1.27, 1.28 or anything else

Download: DotA_LoD_6.87a1.w3x (63.9 MB)