Dota 6.88a7 lod changelog

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Quickfix of manacost reducing effects calculations


Fixed Tether causes desynch
Fixed group leak in Arcane Orb
Fixed Berserker Rage base armor being unchanged
Fixed Storm Bolt evading (again)
Fixed Dagon losing “charge” when cast is blocked
Fixed Scourge players Networth displaying for observers
Fixed Frost Attack (doom, devoured Ghost) not slowing attack speed, also it no longer affects magic immune units and can be dispelled
Fixed Formless Books spell flickering (ftw), taken spell no longer going on cooldown after very first cast
Fixed TP Scrolls cooldown at game beginning was removed accidentally
Fixed Shadowraze damage being too low on high levels
Fixed Pit of Malice rooting invulnerable units
Fixed Glyphed towers hitting same unit sometimes
Fixed Maelstrom/Mjollnir goes on 0.2 sec cooldown even if lightning did not proc
Fixed Toss being affected by -disablehelp on attempt to toss ally by spell reflection
Fixed Paralyzing Cask and Chain Frost blocking and reflecting
Fixed Cripple (lycan wolf ability) affecting towers, wards and magic immune units
Fixed Scream of Pain possible targets, can affect ancient-type units now
Fixed position of lightnings which comes out or on flying units
Fixed Ogre Powa grants less CDR for some spells
Fixed Mana Void burns all target mana
Fixed Enrage non-upgraded not working at all
Fixed Terrorblade non-morphed having 1.5 BAT instead of 1.7
Fixed Sanity Eclipse visual effect size
Fixed Cheese not working
Fixed error message which comes from Sleight of Fist
Fixed Primal Split / Infest crashing game when used during active Pulse Nova
Fixed Infest problems
Fixed Desolate (Spectre) not working on illusions at all
Fixed Ghosts (exorcism) attacking air targets (supernova, willowisp)
Fixed text about buyback after death in polymorph
Fixed Brain Sap / Life Drain / MoC interaction with reflected damage
Fixed Arcane Rune not affecting manacost in most cases
Fixed Phase Shift bug
Fixed Dismember duration
Fixed Wildkin’s Tempest now working
Fixed Flesh Golem bonus damage not working at all
Fixed interaction of Mass Serpent Ward and Death Ward’s multishots with damage bonus (e.g. critical strikes from Bloodthorn debuff)
Fixed Phase Boots always having visual effect from active ability while carried
Fixed Fervor under Break, previously it did not change bonus at all even on switching targets while under Break, now nullifies attackspeed bonus but does not prevent gaining new stacks, so they will activate as soon and Break over.
Fixed Tricks of Trade with invis abils
Fixed Chakra Magic ignores linken
Fixed Feral Impulse affecting own wards and structures
Fixed Spark Wraith falling under ground (visual), matched visual AoE to real
Fixed Smoke Screen blinding towers
Fixed Helm of the Dominator not giving hpreg aura
Fixed Nether Ward not have sound on hit
Fixed The Swarm can keep enemy armor negation at -1 in very rare cases
Fixed Spell Steal granting abilites forever
Fixed Tidebringer bonus damage being not updated by critical strike
Fixed Counterspell reflecting Blink Strike (Riki) and Overwhelm (Abyssal Blade active) while they should be just blocked
Restored missing visual effect on Abyssal Blade
Spirit Lance now creates illusion in proper position of target dies while lance fly
Marksmanship no longer grants bonus damage vs wards (still can proc and provide true strike)
Chaos Strike no longer work vs allies
Quelling Blade no longer work when used by illusions
Echo Slam now properly works on Ethereal enemies


Team disables limit 7 -> 9
Will-o-wisp, Rain of Chaos, Pocket Nuclear Charge, Duel, Skewer, Lightning Grapple are now counted as disable
Pocket Nuclear Charge can be rooted now (only cast, not flight)
Allied items can now be picked up from ground by not owner units again, however still cannot be destroyed.
Triforce Blade priority is now higher than it’s components, fixed name when this recipe laying on the ground
Boots of Travel now grants charge on picking up and takes away on dropping, allows to not buy 1 more scroll

Text tags about gold gain from killed non-hero unit does not appear in fog anymore
Fixed these text tags not appears sometimes
Goblin’s Greed no longer create additional text tags on top of dead unit

Multikill counter (end game scoreboard, observer scoreboard) now does not count triplekills as successful doublekills, etc. So every multikill streak will count only once.
This means e.g. player can have more triplekills than doublekills, before it was impossible because every triple was included in double

Specific bonuses are now displayed on following abilities:
Duel – bonus attack damage
Laguna Blade – bonus Laguna damage
Glaives of Wisdom – stolen intelligence
Trueshot Aura – current attack speed
Spell Steal – remaining time

Sentry wards are not allowed to be bought from enemy shop anymore. Just like other limited things.


Glyphed tower multishot targets amount decreased by 1 (total amount of targets is now 4)

Tier 2/3/4 towers nightvision 900 -> 1100
Tier 1 towers hp 1560 -> 1500, armor 22 -> 15
Tier 2&3 towers hp 1920 -> 2000, armor 24 -> 20
Tier 4 towers hp 1920 -> 2250, armor 33 -> 25
As towers become too hard to take down with new armor formula and glyph

Spell Steal can now steal polymorph abilities with time limit (so it still unable to steal Berserker Rage and True Form)
Spell Steal Projectile speed 900 -> 1200

Team bounty for destroyed barracks 275/225 melee/ranged -> 225/175

Jinada is now unpickable with Walrus Punch

Flesh Heap no longer grants additional stacks for learning. Negative stacks amount is no longer limited at -6 but does not provide negative str bonus, grants 0 instead.

Tidebringer and Infernal Blade does not use mana, not goes on cooldown, not triggers Nether Ward in case of missed hit
Infernal blade also does not provide effect on missed attack

Will-o-wisp will no longer appear on impassable terrain

Slightly decreased Laguna bonus damage per kill (to 15/25/35 -> 15/20/25)
Damage penalty per fail doubled (losing 30/40/50 dmg)

Rip Tide chance 17% -> 25%, damage type magical -> physical (dealt after reducing armor), now has 0.2 seconds cooldown

Wave of Terror dmg 60/85/110/135 -> 60/90/120/150

Tidebringer manacost 40 -> 30, cleave percentage 135% -> 150%

Tombstone zombie dmg 30-36 -> 36-40
Land mines are no longer triggered by unattackable units and by zombies at all
Eclipse now retargets on caster on attempt to use it on zombies
Zombies does no longer launch Echo Waves from Echo Slam

Static Storm total damage 525/656/787 -> 393/617/840, cooldown 100/85/70 -> 90/80/70

Lightning Storm damage 80/120/160/200 -> 85/130/175/220

Wrath of Nature base damage increased by 5, damage grow per jump 11% -> 10%

Sleight of Fist can now target unattackable units but will skip them if they will stay unattackable when their turn to be hit will come

Backstab damage bonus from mainstat 0.8/1.3/1.8 -> 1.0/1.5/2.0

Fireblast cooldown 8 -> 11/10/9/8, manacost 95/105/115/125 -> 85/95/105/115

Split Shot and Moon Glaive cannot jump on wards again

Wolven Howl speed modifier 25/30/35/40% -> 30/35/40/45%, cooldown 35/30/25/20 -> 32/28/24/20

Burrowstrike speed 2000 -> 1600
Burrowstrike now chops down closest trees at destination point,

Earth Splitter speed when upgrade decreased in ~1.36 times, tooltip info fixed
Earth Splitter now plants debuff first, then damage.

Firewall slow is now more accurate

The Swarm hitrate 1.25/1.1/0.95/0.8 -> 1.15/1.0/0.85/0.7

Ignis Fatuus vision range 1800/900 -> 900/900
Active duration 1.3 -> 1.25, rest duration 1.85 -> 1.9

Poison Nova now begins damaging instantly after laying, deals by 1 more damage damage instance total
Poison Nova duration 16 -> 18, DPS unchanged

Healing Salve heal 400 over 8 sec -> 400 over 10 sec
Clarity Potion regeneration 190 over 50 sec -> 180 over 30 sec, making it more useful in comparing with Mango

Echo Saber does not require recipe again
Instead it can be disassembled

Heaven’s Halberd manacost 100 -> 75
Duration 3 (melee) / 5 (range) target -> 3.5 / 5

Lens castrange bonus 250 -> 200 (reverted)
Dagger range 1050 -> 1100

Fixed Damage Reflection not working in some cases (e.g. some reflected spells, exorcism)
Fixed some lifesteals/manasteals depends on dealt damage grants too much heal if target is illusion and it dies from last damage (e.g. Brain Sap, moment of courage)
Fixed hero being stunned for first seconds after pick in single player
Fixed Phase Boots lasts too long
Fixed Couriers losing invulnerability on fountain sometimes and transparency after changing type.
Fixed some tooltips
Fixed Dark Ascension, Arctic Burn and Summon Familiars not having flying vision and movement which still being broken sometimes…
Fixed Flesh Heap having negative bonus from learning instead of positive
Fixed (?) mirror images creates wrong type illusion sometimes
Fixed Penitence effect always being lvl 1
Fixed Telekinesis not lifting target
Fixed Backstab visuals appears even from front, though not adding damage. Illusions provide visual effect without actual damage bonus.
Fixed Essence Shift getting dmg forever (on non-agility hero)
Fixed Quill Spray working only on tombstone zombies instead of not working on them
Fixed some auras visual effects
Fixed Chain Frost and Paralyzing Cask dealing double damage to isolated target
Fixed Teleport Scroll always teleporting right toward building, without possibility to choose position around.
Fixed losing invulnerability under Black Hole or Chronosphere causes unit to be stunned forever
Fixed Wards being unshareable to magic immune allies
Wrath of Wraith temporary removed (until regeneration bug is fixed)

Sanity’s Eclipse stat difference multiplier 2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5 -> 2.2/2.8/3.4/4.0
Arcane Orb changed to regenerate mana depends on dealt damage instead of unmultiplied damage but now regenerates from all damage dealt to victims, so it will be more effective when hitting multiple enemies.
Arcane Orb damage from remaining mana 6/9/12% -> 7/10/13%

Berserker Rage no longer grants Bash, replaced by Ensnare:
Passive 14/16/18/20% chance to ensnare (root) target for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0 seconds
Base attack time in form 1.6 -> 1.65/1.6/1.55/1.5
Base armor in form 5 -> 2/3/4/5
Root prevents moving or escaping, as well as provides vision on invisibility.
This also means that Basher/Abyssal/other bashes can be taken freely with Berserker Rage

Tombstone Zombie attack range 128 -> 100
Drum of Endurance cooldown 60 -> 50


Fixed Lycan wolves Cripple malfunction and visual effect
Fixed Kaya and Sange tooltip in shop missing info about status resistance
Fixed overlapping Mortal Wounds tooltip by another
Fixed Magic Wand having 0 cooldown always, now interrupts user on attempt to use
Fixed Chronosphere lasting in 51 times longer
Fixed Spirit Lance creating illusions at caster position instead of target
Fixed Storm Bolt malfunctioning
Fixed Ghost Scepter lasting forever
Fixed Tombstone taking too high damage from every hit
Fixed TP Scroll malfunction if used on ground
Fixed Hookshot affecting allies
Fixed Marksmanships malfunction and being weaker than intended. Marksmanship no longer counts hidden heroes as existing near.
Fixed Illusory Orb being blocked by obtascles (lol)
Fixed Chaos Strike providing in 100 times more lifesteal than intended
Fixed Kinetic Field lasting in 2 times less
Fixed Sleight of Fist not returning caster back
Fixed Veil of Discord / Rocket Flare causes crash
Fixed Rip Tide working on all units in game
Fixed Mechansm hpreg aura had low AoE
Fixed Elder Dragon Form lvl 2 and lvl 3
Fixed Unholy Aura (Satyr/Doom) visuals
Fixed Supernova living by 0.1 sec longer that lasts
Fixed Supernova and Ignis Fatuus being affected by auras and some targeted spells
Fixed phase state settings being broken after death sometimes
Fixed Frostbite sometimes becomes broken on single unit
Fixed Eul’s being usable on other owned units

Ethereal Blade no longer affects magic immune allies or caster himself
Dark Ascension now kills trees around upon landing
Updated some visual effects



Hard disables amount is now officially limited without additional mods
3 standart, 2 on ls mode, 1 on 3ls mode per hero, unlimited on -bo
Includes Stuns, Roots, Hexes, Sleeps as well as Tornado and Primal Split
Counting may be improved later


Fixed memory leaks, lategame perfomance should become better
Fixed Tricks of the Trade visuals
Fixed Diabolic Edict ending instantly
Fixed secret bug with Linken Sphere
Fixed Glyph, Ghost Scepter and Ethereal Blade crashing game
Fixed Snowball malfuntion
Fixed Spectral Dagger malfunction
Fixed Tricks of the Trade being weaker than intended
Fixed TP Scroll issues


Blinks AM, QoP and Dagger are no longer doubleclickable
Recoded Spectral Dagger, now applies slow for short time after leaving path (0.5 seconds) and caster getting speed and flying bonuses for short time too (1 second)
Spectre Reality now kills target illusion after teleportation
Degen Aura no longer affects magic immune enemies


Added Kaya and it’s upgrades, all they got new icons as well:
Recipe: Staff of Wizardry + Robe of Magi + Recipe, 2050 gold total
+16 intelligence, +8% spell amplification, -12% manaloss

Sange and Yasha
Movespeed bonus 12% -> 10%

Sange and Kaya
Recipe: Sange + Kaya, 4100 gold total
+16 strength, +16 intelligence, +16 damage, +20% status resistance, +14% spell amplification, -16% manaloss

Yasha and Kaya
Recipe: Yasha + Kaya, 4100 gold total
+16 agility, +16 intelligence, +16 attack speed, +10% movespeed, +14% spell amplification, -16% manaloss

Triforce Blade
Recipe: One of sword combos + last of them or just all 3 swords + recipe, 6900 gold total
+18 all stats, +20 damage, +20 attack speed, +12% movespeed
+22% status resistance, +16% spell amplification, -22% manaloss

Soul Booster + Kaya
+16 intelligence, +425 hp, +425 mp, +100% manareg, bonus per charge: +0.5 mp/sec, +0.35% spell amp
Active heal cooldown 90, unaffected by manaloss reduction.

Status Resistance (STRes) from same item type is not longer stackable (e.g. 2 sanges, 2 sangeyashes, 2 hearts)
STRes from Sange, SangeYasha, SangeKaya, Triforce Blade is not stackable (highest bonus getting priority)
Halberd and Heart STRes bonuses are independent.
Movement and attack speed from Yasha and it’s upgrades does not stack
Spell Amplification and manaloss reduction from Kaya and any of it’s upgrades does not stack (highest taking priority)
Manacost reduction from different sources (1 from Kaya-based and Arcane rune for now) stacks multiplicatively

Aether Lens
Spell Amplification removed
Mana 250 -> 300, manareg +100% -> +125%, castrange bonus 200 -> 250

Eaglehorn cost 3200 -> 3000
Butterfly dmg 30 -> 25

Increased Io model (new model become definitely too small)
Added visual effect on Bloodstone active

  • This map only supports Warcraft 3 patch 1.26! Not 1.24, 1.27, 1.28 or anything else

Download: DotA_LoD_6.88a7.w3x (82.1 MB)