Dota 6.88e0 lod changelog

Get DotA_LoD_6.88e0.w3x RGC full changelogs: (September/25/2020)


Download map: Dota 6.88e0 lod



  • Some fixes in Formless Books. Could not imagine that, huh?
  • Fixed (?) Radiance + illusions causes game desynch. Need tests with 10 players to be sure.
  • Fixed Hand of Midas cooldown being unchanged
  • Fixed Spell Reflection being delayed on cast time for some spells
  • Fixed impossibility to spawn Ice Vortex under trees
  • Fixed Nether Swap upgraded not swapping creeps
  • Fixed Ghost Walk End not hides icon on death (weird)
  • Fixed Lycan Howl not updating attackspeed instantly, fixed affecting magic immune enemies
  • Fixed (?) Hookshot stunning caster sometimes (weird)
  • Fixed Borrowed Time reduced cooldown from previous patch not working
  • Recoded Rain of Chaos, so it wont be broken by summoning only one infernal when upgraded
  • Matched Natural Order spell damage incrementer to proper numbers
  • Fixed Blink Strike being unlimited
  • Fixed Wall of Replica creates illusions of dead heroes
  • Fixed Wall of Replica illusions not attacking victim when summoned
  • Wall of Replica’s illusions now has proper timed life displayed on them as they ends together with wall
  • Fixed Timber Chain not killing targeted tree sometimes
  • Fixed Rocket Barrage targeting invulnerable units
  • Fixed abuse with stopping Echo Stomp and using it again without visual effect
  • Fixed Will-o-Wisp current pull not ends when victim or Wisp dies
  • Fixed Charge of Darkness consumes mp twice
  • Fixed Charge of Darkness being interruptible by silences
  • Fixed Stifling Dagger bonus damage
  • Fixed Stasis Trap and activating time being 2.25 seconds instead of 2.0. Fixed Stasis Trap animation.
  • Fixed Shadow Poison provides invulnerability to target forever when damaging hidden in astral
  • Fixed Frozen Sigil being too tough against heroes
  • Fixed Force Staff and Euls giving less Intelligence than used to
  • Fixed Force Staff being wasted on some wards
  • Fixed Linken’s Sphere missing sound effect when transferring to ally
  • Fixed Paralyzing Cask missing visual and sound effects on hit
  • Fixed Sanity Eclipse regenerating mana to enemy
  • Fixed Linken’s being castable on enemies
  • Fixed Shadow Amulet not working at all in many cases
  • Fixed Drums of war effect stays forever sometimes
  • Fixed interaction of Cold Snap with Nether Ward and Last Word Fixed
  • Fixed Spirit Bear not dying with owner even without aghanim
  • Fixed Spirit Bear refreshes items after death
  • Fixed Poison Nova width
  • Fixed Siege Units spawns on 30 seconds earlier
  • Fixed weird direction of Plague Ward when placed
  • Fixed Psionic Trap providing vision for some seconds after death (which happens only when not upgraded)
  • Fixed Meteors rolling way being slightly shorter than intended
  • Fixed Triple Meteor messed up visuals
  • Fixed Untouchable affecting invulnerable attackers
  • Fixed Tether always gives level 1 movespeed bonus
  • Fixed Centaur Return and Nerubian Assassin Manaburn counts stats of owning player hero instead of original hero for illusion.
  • Fixed some spells being still usable on tombstone zombies
  • Fixed multiple invises in pick being broken at ordering
  • Fixed Leap acts weird in some rare combinations
  • Fixed Roshan Slam damage growing from game beginning instead of from creep spawn
  • Fixed not own Bottle not counting toward networth
  • Fixed Essence Shift not giving stats to attacker if target dies to hit or at next 0.01 second
  • Fixed Soul Siphon not ends when target changes owner (captured)
  • Fixed Shadowraze castpoint being slightly less than intended
  • Fixed Pulse Nova being not affected by manacost reduction
  • Fixed Pounce causes flight to be broken if caster dies in flight
  • Fixed Tricks of the Trade jumping onto tombstone zombies
  • Fixed Iceblast hitting hidden targets
  • Fixed Doom interaction with Status Resistance
  • Fixed Hexes interaction with Status Resistance
  • Fixed Dark Rift teleporting hidden allies
  • Fixed Snowball being castable on couriers or zombies
  • Fixed Toss stun ends before damaging
  • Fixed Enfeeble breaks Roshan’s natural Status Resistance
  • Fixed Soul Rip being blocked by allied linken’s
  • Fixed Perseverance still having higher priority than some reciped items from Ring of Health or Void Stone
  • Fixed Split Shot and Moon Glaive trying to hit dead targets (thus Split Shot sometimes does not hitting anyone as it has limited amoutn of arrows)
  • Fixed Spell Steal with stealing already known or not learned yet abilities — they simply wont be stealable, caster will be interrupted.
  • Fixed Gem visual effect allows to differentiate real hero from illusion for enemies. It’s still visible for enemies, just exist on illusions too.
  • Fixed Dota2HpBars size being not updated when loading both hpbars and camera distance settings from config. As camera distance is commonly further away than normal, hpbars were bigger than intended until manual changing them in game at least once.
  • Matched Call Down visual indicator size to real damage AoE

Smoke of Deceit and Shadow Dance are now completely immune to true sight
Mirror Image effects and Doppelganger now confuses attacker’s orders

Towers and creeps

All towers damage and reload decreased by 20% (dps stay same)
T1 towers damage decreased by 20 more, Glyph multishot additional targets for them 1 -> 2
Tower damage changed to more random instead of having tendency to be average

Slightly decreased creeps hp grow over time as int does not grant spell amp anymore
Slightly decreased towers damage grow as creeps hp reduced
Glyph duration on structures 7 -> 6

Towers, fountains and Roshan now deals in 4 times more damage to Sentry and Observer Wards, Frozen Sigil, Nether Ward.
Towers, fountains and Roshan now deals in 2 times more damage to Tombstone, Seeking Missile, Nerubian Beetles.
Illusions now counts as creeps when attacking all those units.

Removed manapool from Mud Golem, Shard Golem, Rock Golem, Emerald Golem, Doom Hatchling and Thunder Lizard


Melee Units with attack range less than 251 now getting bonus 150 attack range against Sentry and Observer wards
Quelling Blade, Battle Fury, Tango and Gifted Tango are no longer usable against wards

Intelligence no longer grants spell amplification
Mana per intelligence point 12 -> 15

  • This map only supports Warcraft 3 patch 1.26! Not 1.24, 1.27, 1.28 or anything else

Download: DotA_LoD_6.88e0.w3x (82.1 MB)