Dota v6.88c0 lod changelog

Get DotA_LoD_6.88c0.w3x RGC full changelogs: (July/11/2020)

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Updated classic minimap which was still from 6.85
Removed many unnecessary holes inbetween treed and rocks where units can stuck
Scourge trees become brighter
Slightly changed position of Scourge T1 tower

Note: Minimap fog become brighter. If you want to make it brighter or darker, change FogDensity option in config.lod

Emoji “hi” can be called though “bnu” alias as well (LoD exclusive)

-st now displays information about total duel attempts and lost duels in addition


Using following Abilities does not cancel wind walk buff:
All polymorphs

  • Track
  • Refraction
  • Spiked Carapace
  • Strafe
  • Sprint
  • Rabid
  • Battle Trance
  • Borrowed Time
  • Morphling’s Morph aka Attribute Shift
  • Focused Detonate
  • Discharge Illuminate
  • End Nightmare
  • Pulse Nova toggling
  • Rot toggling
  • Voodoo Restoration toggling
  • Mana shield toggling
  • End Icarus Dive
  • End Tether
  • Oscillate In and Out
  • Target Fire Spirits
  • Psionic Trap blow (hero skill)

And items:

  • Phase Boots
  • Power Treads switch
  • Armlet switch
  • Radiance toggle
  • Ring of Basilius and Ring of Aquila toggle
  • Medallion of Courage and Solar Crest (allows to put debuff before hit, this way makes them better useful in comparing to Desolator if need)
  • Recipe usage
  • Smoke
  • Healing Salve
  • Clarity Potion
  • Tango
  • Tango borrowed
  • Bottle without rune

Following abilities can be used now when silenced:
End Pulse Nova, End Rot, End Voodoo Restoration, End Ghost Walk


Glyph now grants 1 additional target only at multishot for tier 1 tower

Track effect is now fully visible, so it can be dispelled easier instead of unnecessary constant checking buff panel.
Track no longer grants full gold bounty instantly. Instead it begins from 20% of maximum and grows over time while buff exist by 8% of max per second, thus reaches maximum bounty over 10 seconds.
Maximum bonus gold per tracked kill 120/240/360, allied less in 3 times (40/80/120, like before)

Vendetta bonus damage 250/400/550 -> 250/375/500, bonus damage type physical -> divine
Cooldown 70/60/50 -> 90/70/50

Skeleton Walk is now charge-based ability
3 charges maximum, cooldown per charge 90/80/70/60, cooldown after use 1 second
20 second duration, 14/21/28/35% movespeed bonus
Manacost 75

Ghost Walk reworked
Now can be turned on and off nearly anytime:
Enable cooldown 4 seconds, disable begins with 1 second cooldown to prevent unintentional turning off
Discharges fast while active and charges up slowly while inactive, which depends on CDR bonuses
Duration depends on current charge with maximum of 55 seconds as it can have 60 charge-seconds total and cost 5 to active.
Cannot be used while have less than 5 charges
Charges cannot be refreshed by anything (intentional)
Requires 240/220/200/180 seconds to fully recharge without CDR bonuses. Adapts instantly when leveling skill or receiving CDR bonuses
Movespeed bonus removed, enemy movespeed slow stays 10/15/20/25%
Now caster getting protection from damage during Ghost Walk, 5/15/25/35%
Manacost to turn on 125 -> 100
Fade Time 0.3 -> 0.75
Currently possible duration is displayed on skill
When obtained through Spell Steal, does not recharge while unavailable for hero
Cannot be obtained through Formless anymore

Hit from Bounty Hunter Wind Walk now slows attack speed as well

Anchor Smash reverted to spell damage instead of instant attack
Deals 80/140/200/260 damage as Physical damage type
AoE 375 -> 400
Cooldown 8/7/6/5 -> 7/6/5/4
Cast Time 0.35 -> 0.25
Fully affects magic immune units, ignores attack immune units

Stifling Dagger now fully affects magic immune units (means it will slow them down now too)

Macropyre upgraded duration 20 -> 15

Flesh Heap AoE 450 -> 500

Glaives of Wisdom manacost 20/25/30/35 -> 18/22/26/30

Rip Tide armor reduction 2/4/6/8 -> 3/4/5/6

Bonus gold for Devour 20/80/140/200 -> 25/70/115/160

Goblin’s Greed starting bonus gold 4/6/8/10 -> 3/4/5/6, maximum gold 10/14/18/20 -> 15/20/25/30, stack duration 20 -> 20/22/24/26

Recoded Static Remnant, no longer triggers on magic immune units and works better probably, fixed damage AoE
Damage 120/190/260/330 -> 100/175/250/325

Dual Breathe cooldown 10 -> 13/12/11/10

Recoded Stasis Trap, now works better

Removed own vision from Sentry Wards and Stasis Trap, however they are still visible in fog.

Some more effects are now visible in fog for allies, e.g. Firewall, Kaolin’s Stones

Stone Caller charges are now displayed on ability
Stone Caller no longer has tendency to kill oldest stone when there is already 6 placed. Now it allows to have maximum 30.

Snowball no longer follows enemy if he teleports too far away (>3500 distance between snowball and enemy)

Lycan Wolves duration 55 -> 45

Wall of Replica recoded, now properly reacts on standing still enemies

Life Drain hp requirements to regen mana instead of hp 100% -> 95%

Acid Spray recoded, should no longer bug with affecting allies instead of enemies
Also it does not pierce magic immunity anymore and effect from multiple sprays does not stack and not lasts too long after leaving area anymore

Doom is now counts as a hard disable

Lightning Bolt no longer grants AoE truesight but grants truesight over target unit instead if not blocked by Linken’s, which lasts 4.5 seconds and cannot be resisted or dispelled
It still grants normal vision around target point, still can retarget automatically on heroes and now will retarget on creep if no hero found

Formless books changed so they does not require to be cast even first time and thus disallowed for only mid game mode
Now books grants 20% cooldown reduction for obtained spells

Dream Coil link effect is now always visible, independent of visibility on target


Blademail damage reflection no longer pierces spell immunity. Intelligence 10 -> 8, armor 5 -> 6
Faerie Fire heal 85 -> 90
Necronomicon units armor type none -> hero, damage type pierce -> hero, warriors lvl 2 and 3 max damage reduced by 10
Force Staff cooldown 20 -> 18, manacost 25 -> 50
Hurricane Pike cooldown 20 -> 16, manacost 25 -> 50
Lotus Orb cooldown 18 -> 16
Removed +100% manaregen from bloodstone as this common bonus does not comes from any components anymore
Skadi heal decrease 30% -> 33%
Urn heal 240 -> 280


Fixed text message about buyback (yep, again)
Fixed Illuminate being still channeled for 5 seconds when upgraded, even with that effect is done per 2.5 seconds (check)
Fixed Blinding Light (check)
Fixed Roshan hitting couriers (check)
Fixed Arcane Curse reacting on backmorphs (check)
Fixed Tranquil Boots cooldown indicator (check)
Fixed Group Leak (Rocket Barrage)
Fixed Arcane Orb damage was too low on 2 and 3 lvl
Fixed Dota2HpBars hero bar color with fixed sides option disabled for Scourge players
Fixed Meat Hook grants freepathing to units even when it’s unnecessary
Fixed Arrow Shower memory leak and effect AoE
Fixed Null Talisman and Null Talisman Recipe sell cost
Fixed missing Tidebringer animation on damaged units
Fixed Holy Persuation creep level limitation
Fixed Dagoning illusions did not kill them
Fixed amount of Overpower bonus attacks
Fixed amount of teleport charges on AR mode
Fixed Infest still displaying unit on minimap
Fixed Supernova blocking path (actually heroes in it, not nova itself)
Octarine Core can now be alt-highlighted properly
Greater Bash no longer pushes units through impassable terrain
Guardian Angel no longer affects shops

  • This map only supports Warcraft 3 patch 1.26! Not 1.24, 1.27, 1.28 or anything else

Download: DotA_LoD_6.88c0.w3x (82.1 MB)