Dota v6.88d2 lod changelog

Get DotA_LoD_6.88d1.w3x RGC full changelogs: (August/08/2020)



Guard return time (mostly important for neutrals) 1.0 -> 2.0 sec
3.0 was way too much but 1.0 was too low

Hero kills bounties

Gold lost on death increased from networth/40 to 50+networth/39 (right in 3 times less than buyback cost)
Gold for herokill (120+root(networth))*root(lvl)*streakbonus -> (100+root(networth))*root(lvl)*streakbonus
Experience for herokill 100*root(lvl)*streakbonus -> 200*root(lvl)*streakbonus-50 (exactly +100% from current with slight decrementer for low levels)
By mistake experience for kills has been set 2 times less than planned
Thus XP arc for herokills is between 150 exp for lvl 1 and 950 exp for lvl 25
First Blood experience bonus 100 -> 50


Track now reaches it’s maximum bonus gold over 6 seconds instead of 8
Snowball now now be used toward spell immune enemies
Flesh Heap begins with 3 stacks again. Does not grant more stacks on learning 2nd, 3rd or 4th level.
Corrosive Skin DPS and attack speed reduction reduced by 2
Wrath of Nature cooldown 75 -> 90


Hand of Midas recipe cost 1550 -> 1600
Attack speed bonus 30 -> 40
Transmute bonus gold 190 -> 160, experience x2.5 -> x2.1, cooldown 100 -> 90
Transmute bonus gold is now unreliable (can be lost on death)


Bounty rune pickup visual effect is no longer visible for enemies, except on hero who picked up this rune


Fixed Scroll of Town Portal and Slippers of Agility in side shop being still purchasable
Fixed Poison Touch nonexisting
Fixed Smoke of Deceit animation stays forever in some cases
Fixed Blink Strike was usable on couriers even accounting that it was prevented
Fixed Frost Armors still not applies effect in creep-creep attacks
Fixed Dismember damage and heal being in 2 times less than intended
Fixed Mana Break abilities continues burning mana when target turns magic immune
Fixed Life Drain lightning flickering
Fixed Shadow Dance interrupting current attack order
Fixed Charge of Darkness being unstoppable by common way
Fixed Doppelganger being not melee only as intended
Fixed Greed multiplies gold from bounty rune for every following player instead for greeder only
Fixed Spark Wraith pointer AoE
Fixed rare Chronosphere glitch
Fixed spells from Formless Book always stay at lvl 1

Download map: Dota 6.88d2 lod


  • Fixed Bottle being unusable
  • Fixed some spells acting like WTF mode on
  • Fixed Formless Books still doubling spells
  • Fixed Suicides breaking respawn system
  • Fixed Supernova not hiding hero properly
  • Fixed Kill Streak shorter than 3 not ends on any death


Main gameplay changes

Hero kills

Completely reworked gold and experience bounty per hero kills
Removed additional comeback bonuses for loser team
Kill Streak gold bonus changed from linear to additional 0.05 multipler per every kill over 2, thus Killing Spree grants 5% bonus (1.05 multiplier), Dominating 10%, etc, up to 40% at Holy Shit and above.
And this multiplier affects granted experience per kill as well.
First Blood bonus gold is now displayed together with main gold bonus, First Blood now also grants 100 bonus experience, shared between killer and his nearby allies.
This bonus is constant and independent from anything.
Gold per herokill now counts victim networth in addition to herolevel
Now it is (120 + SquareRoot(Networth) * SquareRoot(Level) * streak multiplier) + FB bonus
So victim networth is also count toward bonus
Thus level 1 hero without streaks and items will spread 120 gold, level 2 ~169 gold, level 25 — 600 gold, etc
And e.g. 25 lvl hero with 30k networth and Holy Shit streak will provide (120+sqrt(30000))*sqrt(25)*1.4=(120+173)*5*1.4=2051 gold
Gold per kill is divided between nearby heroes, and actual killer getting exactly in 2 times more than all others
e.g. splitted 400 gold on 3 heroes will be 200 + 100 + 100
If killer is dead, he takes normal gold bonus instead of doubled (for 400/3 it would be 133+133+133)
Dying to creeps (Sentinel or Scourge) shares same gold amount to every nearby hero if it exist, if does not – shares equal amount of gold to every enemy player
Kill Streaks does not end in case of dying to creeps as well as does not provide any bonus, even if kill was assisted

First Blood now grants 100 bonus experience
Experience per herokill depends only on hero level instead of his current experience
It is now (200*SquareRoot(Level) * streak multiplier) + FB bonus
So level 1 hero worth 200 experience, level 25 worth 1000 experience, etc.
It shares same amount of exp to killer and assisters, but not to heroes at maximum level anymore
Experience is shared only between alive heroes

— Teleports

Removed Teleport Scroll
So teleportation is now limited only by cooldown and manacost
However ability still displays charges, which is innate limitation :/

— Couriers

Allied couriers are no longer valid targets for any shops, can pickup items manually only. Your own courier is still prioritized.

— Lane Creeps

Siege creeps now spawns every 10th wave instead of every 7th, exactly every 5 minutes
Additional melee creep now spawns at minutes 15, 30 and 45
Additional ranged creep now spawns from minute 40
Additional siege creep now spawns from minute 35

— Neutrals

Decreased returning to camp time from 3 to 1 second

Improved Courier reaction on Aegis respawn
If hero respawns far away, courier will still follow hero
If hero is already enough close, courier will wait until respawn and then deliver items.
In this case Courier will use Burst after hero respawn automatically if possible

Removed unnecessary shadows
Fixed some impassable roads
Fixed more unnecessary holes in between trees and rocks where units can stuck
Terrain improved even more
Mid-lane has been balanced and fixed some unnecessary holes in between trees where units can stuck
Bot-lane Scourge T1 slightly moved on South
Fixed roshan place where units can get vision from outside.


— Skills

Last 6 wave-type skills changed to target ground only, so it can be used toward spell immune units, towers, and not reveal caster, etc:
Waveform, Dual Breath, Dragon Slave, Carrion Swarm, Shockwave, Poison Touch
Increased cast range of some of them (does not affect effective range, only makes more comfortable to use)
Poison Touch cooldown 27/24/21/18 -> 20/18/16/14
However, Neutral Satyr Hellcaller skill changed back so creep can autocast it
Skill changes it’s base on capturing so it wont provide old problems with using it when owned by player

Changed Charge of Darkness ending detection. Now it’s true channeling, and thus can be cancelled as other channelings. Some spells and items does not interrupt it.
The main purpose of this change is allowing shifted orders during Charge. From now on they working normally.

Phantom Rush no longer proc when disarmed
Geostrike DPS 30/40/50/60 -> 24/36/48/60 (tooltip was wrong)

Supernova and Infest can now be acquired through spellsteal (bugfix)
Borrowed Time can now be acquired through Spell Steal (new)

Tricks of the Trade no longer ignores first hit if casted in fog

Metamorphosis movement speed 290 -> 290/300/310/320

Haunt illusions are no longer displayed as heroes on minimap, except for owner
Haunt illusion damage taken multiplier 200% -> 300%

Doppelganger cast range 750 -> 600
Doppelganger is now melee only ability
Doppelganger no longer spawns “wisps” as visual effect, instead it moves semi-transparent units from beginning. Make’s skills looks better togethr with making revealing real hero easier.
However all nearby illusions plays cast animation together with hero to make disguising easier.

Reality Rift now plays cast animation on illusions as well

Juxtapose max illusions decreased by 1 (6/8/10 -> 5/7/9)
Juxtapose chance for ranges is now exactly 0.67 of melee chance (40/45/50% melee -> 27/30/33% range)

Ghost Walk slow and damage resistance effects are now applied after fade time instead of instantly
Ghost Walk fade time 0.75 -> 0.9/0.8/0.7/0.6

Liquid Fire DPS increased by 0/1/2/3
Liquid Fire Attack Speed slow 20/30/40/50 -> 22/33/44/55

Life Break movespeed slow 40/50/60% for 4/5/6 sec -> 60% for 3/4/5 sec
Life Break upgraded no longer increases damage, cooldown reduced from 12 to 10

Pulse Nova manacost per second 35/50/65 -> 36/48/60, per activation 75/100/125 -> 60/90/120

Demonic Purge can now be used on invulnerable units if it was hidden by an his enemy (similar rule to Soul Catcher etc)

Crippling Fear can now be dispelled from caster

Crystal nova cooldown 12 -> 15/14/13/12

Reaper’s Scytche Upgraded no longer prevents buyback
Reaper’s Scytche cooldown 120 -> 120/110/100, upgraded 100/85/70 -> 90/80/70
Reaper’s Scytche stun and effect delay are no longer multiplied by status resistance

Drums of War are now ends prematurely when caster dies

Sanity Eclipse cast range 550 -> 600
Now deals 20/30/40/50 base damage / manaburn in addition, but still ignores enemies with higher stat

Homing Missile delay 3 sec -> 2.5

Arc Lightning damage increased by 5

Devour can now eat enemies of level 4/4/5/6 (up from 3/4/5/6)
Dmg aura when devouring Alpha Wolf 10/14/18% -> 10/15%, crit x1.4/x1.6/x1.8 -> x1.35/x1.7
Manaburn got 4 levels again, 125/175/225/275 burn, 20/16/12/8 cd

Holy Persuation maximum creep level 3/4/5/6 -> 4/4/5/6

Melting Strike (Forged Spirit ability) is now completely passive and work not only versus heroes but versus any non-ward non-structure units and except Roshan
Debuff lasts up to 8 seconds and renews on every hit, can be dispelled. Has a limit of -20 armor.
Does not affect magic immune units
This also means Spirits does not require mana and thus dont have manapool

Familiars now getting invulnerability after transformation delay (0.55 sec)
Familiars now transforms automatically at hp less than 33% (increased from 25%)
Familiars stats improved:
HP 550/700/850 -> 600/800/1000
Armor 0/1/2 -> 0/2/4
Damage 20/40/60 -> 24/42/60
Gold bounty 50/60/70 -> 70/85/100
Fixed flight restoring was a bit too delayed

Supernova HP 5/8/11 +2 upgraded -> 6/8/10 +2 upgraded

Ogre Powa CDR and Spell Amp bonuses 11/18/25% -> 10/16/22%

Chaos Strike crit multiplier increased by 0.05, lifesteal by 1/2/3/4% (very slight)

Fissure duration 8 -> 6.5/7.0/7.5/8.0

Death Pact bonuses now depends on target’s maximum health instead of current.

Ghost Walk damage resistance bonus 6/15/24/33% -> 14/21/28/35%

Empower manacost 45/60/75/90 -> 40/50/60/70

Vendetta break duration 4 sec -> 4.0/4.5/5.0

Slightly updated Greater Bash pushing, also Greater Bash now interrupts previous Greater Bash effect on same target


Bounty rune no longer grants experience
Instead it grants gold to whole team
Bonus gold decreased from 50+2 to 40+2
First bounty bonus is no longer higher than followed
Greed bonus for bounty rune applies to greed owner, decreased from x3 to x1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0

Tranquil Boots can now be disassembled. Broken version cannot be.

Divine Rapier now grants True Strike vs non-structure units

Abyssal Blade castrange 600 -> 550
Some more negative auras does not affect magic immune enemies from now on:
Shiva’s Guard, Assault Cuirass, Presence of the Dark Lord, Vengeance Aura, Atrophy Aura, Natural Order

Veil of Discord active bonus changed
Old: +25% magical damage taken
New: +18% spell damage taken, which include any damage type if it dealt by not attack
Now affects invulnerable enemies
Cooldown 20 -> 25

Dust of Appearance
Cost 90 -> 100
Manacost 5 -> 0
Cooldown 30 -> 0.5

Smoke of Deceit is now removed on instant attacks
Smoke of Deceit is now removed near enemy fountains

Smoke, Bottle and Dust cooldowns are no longer affected by CDR

Bottle with rune can now be used without interrupting Wind Walks as well
Both bottles use does no longer interrupt actions and channellings

— Units

Ground couriers are now always Phased

Alpha Wolf level 4 -> 5, hp 600 -> 650, armor 3 -> 4, slightly increased bounties

Visual and other stuff

  • Statistic multiboard now displays gold per kills and assists together in one lane
  • Added counter and strings for gold fed by heroes, by non-heroes (creeps and illusions), gold farmed on player owned units and farmed on creeps — all 4 are separated
  • Hero damage dealt by allies through used Winter’s Curse does now count as hero damage of caster
  • Fountain now always provides hpregen and manaregen, even if unit has maximum hp or mana
  • Fountain no longer provides manaregen to couriers
  • Updated lightnings between units
  • Tether, Unstable Concoction, Ancestral Spirit, Icarus Dive, Fire Spirits can now be leveled while charged, however they still requires recasting to apply new level of effects.
  • Pulse Nova, Rot, Voodoo Restoration can now be leveled while charged and does not require recasting to apply new level of effects.
  • Fire Remnants are now always visible in fog for allies, of course
  • Fire Remnant [R] -> Fire Jump
  • “Hidden” units are now partially transparent
  • Player Networth does no longer count items in circle of power, but only actually used by hero (and spirit bear, if exist)
  • Increased Enchantress model size from x1 to x1.35
  • -ND (no death) mode now sets respawn time strictly on 1 second


  • Fixed Lightning Bolt animation and retargeting on creeps not working
  • Fixed Lightning Bolt not giving truesight on victim
  • Fixed Ghost Walk End could be stolen through Spell Steal
  • Fixed Skeleton Walk going on cooldown when already recharges in 0.2 seconds window
  • Fixed Glyphed tier 1 towers still hitting 3 additional units
  • Fixed Track tooltip was old
  • Fixed Acid Spray lasting forever
  • Fixed Time Lapse not going on cooldown in some specific cases
  • Fixed Blinding Light pushes units in wrong directions and other mistake in it
  • Fixed Skewer Slow being not updated instantly
  • Fixed Grow size on illusions
  • Fixed green dots in middle of minimap
  • Fixed Natural Order armor decrease amount for heroes being slightly weaker than intended after armor formula change
  • Fixed Haunt illusions color when polymorphed
  • Fixed Chain Frost and Paralyzing Cask spell reflecting (this time 100% working)
  • Fixed Dragon Knight and Black Dragon splash attacks being improved by spell amplification
  • Fixed Ice Wall dealing damage by 1 tick less than intended
  • Fixed Press The Attack not updating attackspeed bonus instantly and Lifebreak — movespeed slow
  • Fixed Stasis Trap animation
  • Fixed Rage and Blade Fury silences being count as negativve debuff and thus dispelable
  • Fixed devoured Cloak Aura visual effect
  • Fixed Formless books doubling spells
  • Fixed Nether Swap Upgraded not working on creeps
  • Fixed Neutral Satyr Hellcaller not casting his Shockwave
  • Fixed Lifebreak damage being too low
  • Fixed (?) Kinetic Field sometimes letting enemy go out when when it should be impossible
  • Fixed Tidebringer / Infernal blade / Walrus Punch manual use wasting spell if mana amount is less than doubled manacost
  • Fixed Sanity Eclipse ignoring astralled units
  • Fixed Dark Ritual with Glyph
  • Fixed Arctic Burn Debuff and DPS not working if attack deals 0 damage
  • Fixed Elder Dragon Form splash attack deals 100% of damage instead of 75%
  • Fixed Elder Dragon Form not slows attack speed
  • Fixed Timber Chain
  • Fixed Soul Rip always doing damage to side targets. It used to heal affected side targets if damages main target as enemy and damage side targets if heals main target.
  • Fixed Static Remnants continuing triggers at 0,0 location after end if did not find target
  • Fixed Frost Armors slow and Gnoll poison not working on creep-creep attacks
  • Fixed Phase Shift visual effect being doubled and thus one of them stayed for long time after leaving Phase Shift, confusing enemy.
  • Fixed Fiery Soul displayed amount of charges, buff now ends on death

  • This map only supports Warcraft 3 patch 1.26! Not 1.24, 1.27, 1.28 or anything else

Download: DotA_LoD_6.88d2.w3x (82.1 MB)