Dota v7.00e6 RGC changelog


Map Dota Allstars v7.00e6 RGC:

– Full changelogs and download (October/20/2020)


  • Abaddon’s illusions can now benefit of Frostmourne – they increase counter and apply silence just like the hero himself
  • Fixed Blademail’s cooldown and manacost (e5’s bug)
  • Fixed Queen of Pain’s illusion obtaining Spell Block talent as well
  • Fixed Infest Out could case Lifestealer to stuck
  • Fixed Halbder still causing normal Maim instead of Greater Maim
  • Fixed Torrent lacking visual slow effect
  • Fixed Rubick not gaining bonus MS from the stolen Exorcism
  • Fixed rare bug with Tornado
  • Fixed one more rare case with Tempest Double acting after death
  • Toss will no longer teleport heroes who died and instantly bought back back to their original trajectory
  • Landmines now play sound only for mine’s enemies when they’re looking at something nearby it instead of globally



  • Reduced Necronomicon’s manaregen from 200%/250%/300% to 100/125/150
  • Blade Mail’s manacost increased from 25 to 60
  • Can no longer disassemble Arcane Boots when not on the Fountain and it’s on cooldown
  • Fixed bug with Focus Fire and permanent invisibility sources
  • Fixed bug with Wisp and End Tether stucking the Wisp’s commands
  • Fixed Blinding Light could stuck an enemy
  • Fixed Glimpse could stuck an enemy
  • Culling Blade no longer goes into 0.25s cooldown when used
  • Fixed Enchant not being blocked by Linken’s sphere
  • Fixed Keeper of the Light aghanim being undroppable
  • Viper Strike is now a proper projectile-based ability which gets reflected/blocked on projectile hit (not projectile launch)
  • Fixed Viper Strike dealing double damage on the very first tick
  • Nethertoxin cooldown increased from 6 to 14
  • Fixed buyback cost being 0 until creep spawn event
  • Fixed ward place where wards had no vision
  • Added new ward place nearby Roshan’s Pit (does not affect neutral camp)
  • Added some white trees (on the sentinel’s side)
  • Fixed Torrent slowing attack speed of affected units
  • Snowball now applies stun effect on the allies taken inside, effectively preventing them from acting for the duration
  • Increased priority of items with recipes against non-recipe items to improve item combinations
  • Fixed bug with unkillable creeps after some effects
  • Fixed bug with Lone Druid’s level 25 talent left not working
  • Fixed Bounty runes giving 10 less gold if picked up instantly on spawn
  • Ring of Health can now be sold for full price when bought at fountain area, as any other item, in the first 10 seconds
  • Added floating text info when Slark gets +1 Agi for killing
  • Added floating text info with the gold stolen by Jinada’s attack (visible for Bounty Hunter only)
  • Pipe will no longer apply shields on Tombstone Zombie (it had no sense anyway)
  • Fixed bug with multiple Will-o-Wisp summoned at the same time
  • Fixed bug with Courier losing his transfer items order when an upgrade to the courier bought while delivering
  • Fixed Shockwave moving invulnerable units
  • Chronosphere will now affect Tricks of the Trade, pulling Riki out of his hidden state
  • Land Mine’s aoe color density reduced
  • Tempest Double will now properly inherit Boots of Travel Consumable
  • Meepo can no longer buy Boots of Travel Consumable
  • Fixed Spell Steal interaction with Leap
  • Fixed Spell Steal (agh) granting old cooldown upgrade to Chronosphere
  • Fixed Spell Steal (agh) not upgrading God’s Rebuke

Dota 7.00e6 RGC download links:

DotA_Allstars_7.00e6.w3x (84.5 MB) – Mirror: Dota 7.00e6 RGC