Dota 6.89aL lod changelog

dota lod 6.89af

Get DotA_LoD_6.89aL RGC full changelogs: (September/11/2021)

LoD Maps do not have AI support. They can only be played with Warcraft 3 patch (1.26). Patch 1.24 or below or 1.27, 1.28 or above are not compatible with LoD.



Fixed some on cast effects were not called at all (89aK only)
Fixed Icepath malfunction
Fixed Chakra Magic CTR interaction with allies
Fixed Unstable Concoction becomes unlaunchable in case of suiciding by it
Fixed illusions having wrong displayed charges on chargeable items
Fixed -dch command being not informed about doubleclickhelper option from config

Fixed manual usage of orb attacks having higher distance than normal attacks (decreased by 48 actually)

Fixed Enchant not giving any bonuses to converted unit
Fixed Hurricane Pike become unusable on magic immune enemies in last patch (it used to push back only caster in this case, not being uncastable, which also means that enemy will still be pushed back under magic immunity + having spell reflection)
Fixed courier behaviour when it awaits for hero reincarnation
Transfer items order can now be given while hero is reincarnating

Updated plenty of specific projectiles and other triggers to act by 1 tick earlier as it was done previously with main ones


Restored Chakra Magic effect when casted on ally
Restored Dismember cast sound
Restored neutral satyr Purge animation
Changed Sublimal Blade active animation to be same as Diffusal Blade

Chat Commands

“-mute 0” chat command should now properly mute RGC messages in game (including this pointless “Stats: SID…” spam



Reduced experience for herokill
185*(SquareRoot(GetHeroLevel(victim)*2-1)) -> 175*(SquareRoot(GetHeroLevel(victim)*2-1))

Any own Ward may be denied, not only sentry or observer (e.g. plague ward, mass serpent ward)


Sticky Napalm
AoE 400 -> 500
Cooldown 2.5 -> 2.0
Maximum stacks 10 -> 8
Slow and +damage instances now begins at tripled stack grow
E.g. instead of 5/10/15..45/50 numbers would be 15/20/25…/45/50

Chakra Magic
Allied bonus regen 100/140/180/220% + 10/14/18/22 mp/sec for 5/6/7/8 seconds
-> 50/80/110/140% + 5/8/11/14 mp/sec for 10/12/14/16 seconds
So castspeed modifier stays for longer as well
Cooldown 18/17/16/15 -> 20/19/18/17
Manacost 40/70/100/130 -> 40/75/110/145

Dismember, Double Edge, Retaliate and Stampede attribute dependance changed from Highest to Main

Last Word Bravery duration 10/12/14/16 -> 14/16/18/20 (buff is not stackable, only renews duration)

Energy Drain buff/debuff basic duration 10 -> 15 (both are resistable by an enemy, stackable from multiple casts)

Cruel Bracer, Elusive Band, Imaginary Talisman recipe cost 265 -> 245 (total cost 900 -> 880)

Sanity’s Eclipse manacost 120/140/160/180 -> 100/125/150/175, cooldown 18 -> 18/16/14/12



Steamrollers damage AoE 275 -> 300
Phase Boots / Steamrollers special visual effect is now avaiable for any Cursed URsa donation pack owner instead of only when playing with Ursa body

Removed 0.21 seconds cooldown from Maelstrom and upgrades to properly grant true strike for pseudo-attacks (split shot, flak cannon)


Removed small neutral camp “trolls + kobold” which makes no sence, so trolls and kobolds will spawn only in separated camps


Broke Ice Path
Fixed Searing Chains grants vision over units forever
Fixed Searing Chains order not having own order number
Fixed Firefly not destroys trees around
Fixed Spectral Dagger behaves unproperly when casted in units

Kelen’s Dagger basic cast time 0.25 -> 0.2
Increased shifted behavious after Dagger from 0.15 to dynamic (0.2+0.2*CTR)

Changed Krobelus silence on Projectile with speed 1000
Slightly rebalanced cooldown, manacost and cast time


Very important:
Config & Chat Commands
Added more natural lightings:
1 2 3 4 5 6, so -light 1 / -light 2, etc, to get proper one
Default lighting changed from Ashenvale (new “3”) to Lordaeron (new “1”) to be more contrast and less dark at same time
Lights 5 and 6 are about “underground” lightong, which has no difference in coloring and brightness over actual daytime, may be more useful for professional gaming
So config string “ClassicNaturalLighting=false” (or =true) replaced by “NaturalLighting=1” (or 2,3,4,5,6)
Keep in mind that ingame commands can only change lighting but not ambient sounds, if they are still not disabled in game options by whatever reasons
So if you need changed ambient sounds, change lighting via config
Config in map replaced, should’ve unpack clean new config after deleting previous
So if you want to obtain it, just delete old config.lod.ini from wc3 folder and make settings in fast pace again
Now Doubleclick Helper is enabled by default
Fixed -qbind for items was shifted in wrong side (thus -qbind -1 worked for item slot 3, -qbind -4 for itemslot 6, and slots 1 and 2 were unqbindable)
Fixed Tether possible targets (again)
Fixed Tether and Linken’s Sphere being clickable (not usable tho) on structures
Fixed Haunt malfunction
Fixed Chakram costs in 2 times more mana per second than expected and deals in 2 times less dmg when moving and safely moving distance was not properly affected by castrange bonus
Fixed Concussive Shot malfunction
Fixed Doppelganger affects Haunt and Reflection illusions
Fixed Flak Cannon charges display
Fixed problems with Alchemist’s illusions
Fixed memory leak in polymorphing illusions action
Fixed Walrus Punch, Tidebringer, Infernal Blade not counts used mana for soul ring / martyric boots
Fixed Attribute Shift (morph 3) interaction with illusions (they had wrong base attribute and wrong damage amount)
Fixed Dark Ascension and True Form cooldown being affected by CDR unproperly, thus causes unlimited or nearly unlimited usage with just some CDRs
Fixed Spirit Bear being capturable by Helm of the Overlord
Fixed (?) AghanimUpgrader + ConsumeRecipe does not work sometimes without dropping and picking up aghanim
Fixed Fissure and Icepath area shapes were still slightly incorrect
Fixed interaction of unit coloring by different effects with polymorphing
Fixed Sun Strike damage counting invulnerable units in dividing damage
Fixed Death Ward provides vision for some time after ending
Fixed Venomous Gale travelling distance and speed being slightly less than expected, which sometimes was felt critical
Fixed Drunken Haze above level 1 blinding effect does not work at all
Fixed Enchant kills captured unit at attempt of refresh him
Fixed Diabolic Edict not aggroes victims
Fixed Polymorphs being refreshed after end ven if refreshing thing was used before cast of this polymorph
Fixed some non-dota dummy heroes having hero sounds although they should not
Now all non-ultimative spells which may be used on allies and two-faced spells (which may be used on both allies and enemies) are usable on magic immune allies, no exceptions
“Fixed” some ultimative spells being wasted on magic immune enemies if immunity is obtained during cast swing, e.g.: Reaper’s Rcythe, Finger of Death, etc, as it is not affected by fix above
Note: Assassinate does not pierce magic immunity but can be channeled prematurely so it’s not prevented to use
Fixed visual effect on Drunken Haze debuff
Added Maledict effect on ground on cast
Added Chakra Magic effect on ally for duration
Changed Templar Assassin cast animation
Changed Kelen’s Dagger icon
Changed Warcry icon, effect and buff


Couriers can no longer recharge Bottle (should’ve be done long ago, but was forgotten)
Slightly decreased gold per herokills per networth (NW in power of 0.533 – > 0.525)
All Roots now provides full vision over target instead of only invisibility revealing
Cast times (CT)
CTR – Cast Time Reduction
Added mechanic of modifying cast time, affects only spells with CT above 0.01
Bonuses stacks multiplicatively (e.g. +25% = /1.25)
Debuffs stacks linearly (e.g. -25% = multiplier-0.25)
Overall formula: base cast time * (1 – bonus 1) * (1 – bonus 2)… * (debuff multiplier)
Drunken Haze
Strong beer now decreases victim’s CTR by 14/18/22/26% for duration
Miss change 45/55/65/75 -> 40/50/60/70
Chakra Magic reworked to scale better over game
Modifies CTR 16/24/32/40% for ally and by -16/-24/-32/-40% for enemy
No longer instantly restores mana, replaced by 100/140/180/220% mpreg + 10/14/18/22 mp/sec
No longer reduces cooldown of next spell
Manacost 0 -> 40/70/100/130
So it becomes more effective relatively to regenerated mana over levels but more useful to buff an ally rather than self
Blockable by linken’s on enemy
Still burns mana on enemy when he moves
Duration 5/6/7/8 seconds on allies and enemies (affected by status resistance on enemies)
Cooldown stays 20/18/16/14 -> 18/17/16/15
Cast range 900 -> 600/700/800/900
Sublimal Blade
Decreases victim CTR by 50/40/30/20/10% depending on slow tick
Active name “Inhibit” -> “Prohibit”, cooldown 12 -> 15
Refresher Orb
Passively grants 25% CTR
Cast Time changes
Fate Edict cast time 0.3 -> 0.25
Ancient Seal cast time 0.1 -> 0.2
Lion’s and Shadow Shaman’s Voodoo cast time 0.0 -> 0.2
Many items got cast times above zero:
0.01: many, needed for technical reasons, not mentioned in tooltip
0.1: Gleipnir, Abyssal Blade, Ghost Scepter, Ethereal Blade
0.2: Gunsoo, Atos, Orchid, Bloodthorn, Nullifier, Diffusal, Sublimal
0.25: Veil, Blink Dagger
0.3: Manta, Dominator, Overlord, Halberd (cast range 600 -> 750, however)
Various: Dagon 1/2/3/4/5 -> 0.37/0.34/0.31/0.28/0.25
Note: hero plays cast animations when uses these items
Restored and rebalanced Sticky Napalm
It’s now non-targeted ability with 0.15 cast time, so does not interrupt other orders
Applies stackable debuff on victims up to 10 stacks
Reduces victim’s movement speed (MS) and turnrate(TR) by 3/4/5/6% per stack, so up to 30/40/50/60% both
Increases any type of spell damage victim takes by 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0% per stack, so up to 15/20/25/30%
AoE 375 around target point -> 400 around caster
Cooldown 3 -> 2.5
Manacost 20 -> 18/20/22/24
Note1: duration is unaffected by status resistance (SR), instead TR slow is reduced by SR. MS slow will be reduced by SR in closest patches.
Note2: swapped skill positions with Flamebreak (follows order: long ranged / targeted spell first, followed by close-range and non-targeted
Rotten Heap, Voodoo Restoration, Pulse Nova and Attribute Shift can now be toggled on and off if hero is silenced but does not provide their effects (none of manacost/damage/slow/heal/switch/etc)
After end of Hookshot caster now receives attack order on target if:
— caster’s alive;
— target’s alive;
— caster don’t have other orders queued.
Blinding Light push distance is now affected by victim’s status resistance
Chakram Aghanim’s upgrade AoE, damage and speed bonuses 20% -> 25%
Time Walk heal as last damage in power of 0.84/0.86/0.88/0.90 -> 0.85/0.87/0.89/0.91
Shapeshift movespeed 610 -> 550, duration 18 -> 18/20/22
Reverse Polarity damage increased by 25 just for better consistence
Laguna Blade damage 450/650/850 -> 450/675/900
Cooldown 12/11/10/9 -> 11/10/9/8
Damage bonus 50/100/150/200 -> 40/80/120/160
Duration decreased by 0.25 sec
Bulldoze free walk time 1.5 sec -> 2.0 sec (reverted)
Burrowstrike unit throwing/pushing angle reverted as new is somewhy bugged sometimes
Stasis Trap now reveals self in 0.5 seconds before blasting
Avalanche cooldown decreased by 1 sec
Midnight Pulse now damages ancients (as damage was changed to Magical, and they all has greate magic resistance) but not Roshan
Firefly now ends prematurely on case of death
Flaming Lasso cooldown 60/50/40 -> 74/62/50, manacost 225 -> 175/200/225
Fiend’s Grip cooldown 100 -> 100/85/70
Plasma Field
Damage increased by 5 (all levels and distances)
Slow duration increased by 0.05 sec (all levels and distances)
Shadow Amulet reworked (it was barely used by itself anyway)
Non-targeted cast (self only)
After 1.25 seconds delay grants 3 seconds invisibility for user
It is not temporary permainvis unlike Glimmer Cape, so it will be removed at any action aside of moving
Cannot be cast during channelings unlike Lothar’s/Silver
Does not grant phased movement
Does not getting cancelled when moving
Cooldown 14
Manacost 60
All invisibility granting items now shares cooldown (Shadow Amulet, Glimmer Cape, Lothar’s Edge, Silver Edge)
Basher’s Bash damage bonus 85 -> 80
Abyssal Blade’s Bash damage bonus 85 -> 100
Phase Boots and Steamrollers cooldown 9 -> 8 (reverted)
Diffusal Blade recipe cost decreased by 50, Sublimal Blade recipe cost by 150
Hand of Midas
Recipe cost 1750 -> 1700
Gold bonus 160 -> 140 + 1 per game minute (after first creep spawn, of course) + 3 per every owner’s Hand of Midas usage
Experience bonus 210% -> 190% + 1% per game minute + 3% per every owner’s Hand of Midas usage
So from one point it’s slightly more useful if was delayed in purchasing, from other — more crucial to die with non-cd Hand of Midas
Helm of Overlord hpreg and manareg bonuses for captured creep decreased
All Ancient neutrals except Roshan basic HP regen increased

Download: DotA_LoD_6.89aH2.w3x (89.9 MB) – DotA_LoD_6.89aL.w3x (91 MB)