Lordaeron the aftermath 1.42 – LORDAERON: TA v1.42 changelogs: GENERAL CHANGES – Loch Modan has received a significant reterrain. The Dam has been changed into walkable terrain, forming a bridge to each side of the Loch. The Mo’grosh Stronghold there…
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Dragonball Budokai v2.2

Map  Dragonball Budokai V2.2 – DBB2.2.w3x created by Avarize and Dragonias Dragonball budokai 2.2 changelog: #New hero Goku(GT) added #New hero Vegeta(GT) added #New hero Majin Vegeta added #New hero Bio Broly added #Goku no longer gets ss4, but Super Saiyan Blue instead #Vegeta…
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